Monday, September 12, 2016

More Twisted Treasures

Hiya everyone! I am excited to show you another assortment of prizes from the Twisted Hunt Fall 2016, the hardest hunt in SL. Tomorrow I will be showing you a few prizes from their End Game, but for now these goodies are all from the main hunt path. There is such a variety of prizes to be discovered, clothing and accessories and decor and more! Some stores are offering a male and a female prize, others are inherently unisex, so everyone can enjoy this hunt and teamwork is quite helpful.

My first look starts with the very alluring Roped Passions Nalani Corset & Bra, prize #17 in the hunt path. The corset and bra are separate pieces so can be worn apart or together, and are each provided in 7 mesh sizes. The tarot card I am nomming on is our prize from #23 Acios, which comes with a HUD for 15 texture changes which are the first 15 of the major arcana, The Lovers is shown. The HUD has other features as well, resizing for example, so this is quite enjoyable.

I seem to have encountered two death cards at once on our prize #38 from Curvosity, and my avi seems a bit distressed ;) This is their Cardomancy Prediction and is a single piece with the table, cushion, and cards all attached, and a single built-in pose appropriate for the cards flipped over. Truly twisted, this brought a well-earned giggle.

Here you can see our prize from Shae's Designs, #86 in the hunt path, Lina Ladies Tank Top with Hud. The HUD they referenced offers your choice of 9 solid colors, so your top can match anything you fancy, and it is included in standard mesh sizes. I decided to accessorize it with the Twisted Divination Necklace from #90 Grogo's Gadgets, which is a substantial chain adorned with a caged orb and a replica of our favorite cube ;) At least it is easy to find this one when it is dangling from our necks...

Our final stop in the hunt path is #91, Creepy Twins, and they have several decoys out but a few have prizes hidden in them so I recommend poking them all to see what falls out. The main prize is this delightful Off Shoulder Crop Top & Pleated Skirt - Divination, with 8 fitmesh sizes for the top (including Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink) and 5 standard sizes plus a fitmesh version for the skirt. There are HUDs included too, 6 colors for our top and 6 patterns for the skirt, and I am really taken with how detailed that skirt is. There are buckles and metal loops on one side, bullets on the waist for the other side, and I love the asymmetrical look.

You know by now that I love dressing up my nails as well as the rest of me, so I was thrilled to visit stop #58 Tykhe and find this "Twisted Runes" nails set for Slink. There are 5 runes to select from, and when applied they said in local chat they are air, earth, life, darkness, and holy but I have no idea now which was which. Since the base color matches (and matches those cubes!) perfectly, you can mix and match subtly or just choose the one that speaks to you the most. 

I hope you are all having a wonderful day/evening, magical magpie hugs to everyone!!

All Prizes from the Twisted Hunt Fall 2016:

Photo 1:
Top: Roped Passions (RP) Nalani Rune Corset & Bra $0L Prize #17
Card: {Acios} THF16 Gift Tarot Card $0L Prize #23

Photo 2:
Decor: [Curvosity] Cardomancy Prediction $0L Prize #38

Photo 3:
Top: Shae's Designs *Lina Ladies Tank Top with Hud* $0L Prize #86
Necklace: Grogo's Gadgets GG: Twisted Divination Necklace $0L Prize #90

Photo 4:
Outfit: [Creepy Twins] [cT] Off Shoulder Crop Top & Pleated Skirt - Divination $0L Prize #91

Photo 5:
Nails: ++Tykhe++ "Twisted Runes" Nails $0L Prize #58

Pants Photos 1/2/3: Delizio - Jeans + Applier for Maitreya + Omega $0L Marketplace

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Isolde - gingers
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. March 2016 GG Patricia Tan 
Eyes: * Inkheart * - Astral Eyes - Soft Gold (L) $1L Around The Grid Hunt Prize
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual/Elegant 1
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Deluxe Pack

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