Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fishing for Freebies

Hiya everyone! I hope you're having a fun-filled weekend, or a nice relaxing one if that's what you prefer. I think for this weekend, my usual mix of a fun-busy Saturday followed by a relaxing Sunday is a great mix. I spent a bit of my weekend fishing at Sn@tch, one of my favorite indulgence stores, and this is a great time to go there! Ivey, the immensely talented designer for Sn@tch, changes the prizes you can fish for every 2 weeks and instead of a huge mix-and-match outfit this round, it's a batch of 20 grab bags! 20 amazing wardrobe pieces to have fun with, so wonderful!! So if you're not familiar with 7Seas fishing in SL, I'll sum it up by saying you can purchase a casual rod for $100L (there's a vendor there at Sn@tch) and fish without buying bait (the more expensive baited rod increases your chances of catching with each cast, and improves what you can catch, but not needed for these prizes) and in addition to the already great 7Seas fish, some stores have custom prizes. So you can get comfy, set your rod to auto-cast, and watch the prizes come in. I set my rod to dismiss the 7Seas prizes since I have them all (longtime fisher, used to host fishing contests) and just accept the custom ones, in this case the grab bag goodies. So let's have a look, shall we? Each picture is labeled with their numbers, and this set will need a part 2 for sure, maybe even a part 3!
All I can say is LOOK at that texturing!! I can't say enough good things about it.

So pretty, and as soon as I put on that sweater I immediately knew that it was an instant favorite.

Shall I be too obvious and make a pun about this dress making me purr with pleasure? *innocent grin* Sorry, couldn't resist!

These two teamed up perfectly, and the shirt is actually part of a pair, the other being black and purple and says "wicked" on it. Both come with appliers for those of you who need them (Omega and Slink Physique), plus not sure if you can tell from the photo but there are prim cuffs and collar.

When you head towards the center of the store for the fishing area, you'll also find Riot Vendors and one of my favorite things as you know, hehe, Lucky Boards! The nails I'm showing are one of the many prizes on the lucky boards. You can fish for prizes AND win lucky board prizes at the same time, how cool is that?! Plus there's a dance floor, and sofas to relax, so you can set your own mood and enjoy.

Showering you all with magpie magic and love!!

All Clothing from Sn@tch fishing prizes:
Dress #1- 3 Sn@tch Bag-Stella Sequin Party Dress (Blue)
Outfit #2- 5 Sn@tch Bag-Alexandra Sweater (Wine) and 1 Sn@tch Bag-Silk Brocade Mini (Gold)
Dress #3- 9 Sn@tch Bag-Meow Skater Dress (Pink)
Outfit #4- 19 Sn@tch Bag-Attitude Tees (Hot Mess & Wicked) (includes Omega & Slink Physique appliers) and  14 Sn@tch Bag-Madison Plaid Mini (Red)
Eyes: :::Sn@tch Illyria Eyes (Light Hazel)::: from 20 Sn@tch Bag-ODDS & ENDS
Nails: Sn@tch Nails-Matte Tips/Faded  $0L Lucky Board Prize

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Tymber w/Roots- copper (not free)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Jaz Tan CL (not free)

Friday, February 27, 2015

Marketplace and Luck

Hiya everyone! I had another fruitful visit to the Marketplace, and was very pleased to find a few dollarbies and freebies to share with you.
I admit, the appeal of this one was my being so ready for spring, and tired of having to be bundled up all the time in my first life. For the most part, I keep my avi dressed for my first life weather, like when it's winter here you wouldn't be likely to find me bopping around the grid in shorts. But doesn't this dress and matching choker (included) by M&M just scream Spring? :) The fun updo hair is also from the marketplace, a generous freebie fatpack by Amacci.
If you'd like to dress a little warmer still, how about this gorgeous peacoat? It is also a dollarbie on the marketplace, thanks to Vitrimi, and comes with 2 other colors as well, black and tan. I'll probably pair it with a pair of pants or leggings in the near future for day to day wear, oohh and maybe some cute boots.
I did have more luck at Rowena Springflower's lucky boards, and this is the stunning Dianna dress I was fortunate enough to win there. As with most of the creations there, this comes with a HUD to change between 5 different colors. Speaking of HUDs, I'm sporting manicures from the marketplace also, all are from an alaskametro freebie. 

Well, credits time, I hope you all have a fantastic and magic-filled weekend!!!

Dress #1: M&M GIFT DRESS BUTTERFLY MESH $1L Marketplace dollarbie
Dress #2: .:Vitrimi:. Peacoat Dress Fat Pack $1L Marketplace dollarbie
Dress #3: {RS} Dianna Dress $0L Lucky Board prize
Nails: alaskametro<3 Slink + Omega manicure/pedicure applier - "Basic Pack" nailpolish $0L Marketplace
Hair: Amacci Hair ~ Adena in all colors - Free Gift / Demo Colors $0L

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hugs and Kisses For Luck

Hiya everyone! I decided to start the Hugs and Kisses 3 hunt by Sin Original, and there are some lovely prizes as always. There were a few bumps in the road, but a determined magpie will always find some treasures ;)
This entire outfit (top, skirt, and boots all included) is the prize from the very first store, Sin Original. I love the ruffles on the top! I had made a tiny stop at the Wash Cart Sale, and my nails are not free but $10L for a gorgeous mani/pedi set from La Boheme was pretty irresistible so I went for it. I'm really a huge fan, well of La Boheme and the Wash sales in general.
This beautiful dress is the prize from *Toxic*H* and I am really enjoying the pattern on it. Some days just need flowers :)

Something else I loved was a prize from a lucky board at Rowena Springflower, such a cute schoolgirl outfit that isn't even really my normal style but truly caught my eye. I love the versatility of being able to mix and match different colors, play with HUDs, so fun! Well let's have a peek...
The tie is separate(so optional) and comes in several different colors, the jacket and skirt are mesh (standard sizes) and controlled by the HUD to change colors, and the bra is a system layer in several coordinating colors. You could be daring and go without the bra, or wear each part in a totally different color, whatever mood you're in. Go for it!! Here is the HUD for the jacket and skirt:
Imagine all the possibilities!! I just showed you two, but you're only limited by your own creativity. I so adore clothing with HUDs!!

Well, it's time for the credits, first I'll leave you with a positive thought...I've gotten into the habit of asking people when they're having a rough time, what the best part of their day was. So I'll suggest to all of you to take a moment to think that over, what was the best part of your day? It could be something as simple as breathing in the smell of your coffee this morning, or realizing you were smiling for no special reason. Those little things become the big things sometimes. Love to you all!!

Outfit #1: Sin Original Hugs & Kisses 3 LADIES GIFT $0L Hugs & Kisses 3 Hunt Prize
Dress #2: *ToXiC*H* Tunic Dress Red Flowers $0L Hugs & Kisses 3 Hunt Prize
Outfit #3: {RS} Katie Schoolgirl Outfit  $0L Lucky Board Prize

Nails: La Boheme [LB ChromeEdgeSilver1] *Slink* Manicure for The Wash Sale $10L
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dasha - Gingers (not free)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Fay CL GG NOV (group gift $350L to join)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wild and Free

Hiya everyone! I have a few more goodies to show you from the Find Your Wild Side hunt, which I truly enjoyed and hope you get the opportunity to do the same. One thing that actually feels wild to me is that you'll notice my avi is blonde today! I stopped by Alice Project when I heard that they changed their lucky board prizes, and I won a blonde prize on the lucky board and another blondie from the Mini Mania board. When I tried this one on, the braid (which starts behing the left ear, cascades across the back of the crown and drapes over the right shoulder) made me feel very Daenerys Targaryen. Then I decided I needed to change my eyes, so I am even showing a Jack or Jill hunt prize for the eyes too. Well let's have a look, shall we? :)
This is the FYWS hunt prize from Celtic Creations, the skirt and top and boots all included, and the necklace is the FYWS prize from Baci. Oh and I decided to match my nails to my eyes with the FYWS prize from Nail Me! which has 4 different colors on the HUD. Here's a closer view of those eyes...
I used the mesh eyes but system eyes are included as well, the mesh allowed me to use the color Princess on my left and Violet on my right. I usually have brown eyes during my daily travels, so I'm quite enjoying the variety.

Another peek at more hunt prizes, this is the jacket from Forsaken Falls, teamed with the jeans (system layer, not mesh) from Layers and accented by the necklace from !IT!
Normally I'd put a system layer shirt underneath this for basic traveling about the grid, but well for now I left it as is, staying in touch with that wild side theme :)

Have a beautiful fun-filled day everyone, and do something to make someone smile.

Outfit #1: Celtic Creations Find Your Wild Side hunt prize $0L (shirt skirt and boots)
Necklace #1: !IT! - Unisex Necklace Shooting Star F  $0L FYWS hunt prize
Eyes: Chus! Jills Crystals (Chus! Jill Lens in Princess L and in Violet R) $0L Jack or Jill Hunt prize
Outfit #2 Jacket: Forsaken Falls - SL Mesh_Ladies Duffle Coat SnowLeopard $0L FYWS Hunt prize
Outfit #2 Jeans: FYWS Leopard Jeans by Layers @ Pure Seduction Mall $0L FYWS Hunt Prize
Necklace #2: Baci- Wild Thing Necklace $0L FYWS hunt prize
Nails: {Nail Me!} Slink Nail HUD: Fingers [Add Me] FYWSH-Slither $0L
Hair: Alice Project - Tiffany - Lucky Blonde $0L Mini Mania board prize (no group needed)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Allegra CL GG SEPT. (group $350L to join)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cherries on Top

Hiya everyone! I finally had an opportunity to visit Purple Moon and do their delightful Cherries on Top Hunt, 14 fantastic free prizes just for locating the small pairs of cherries scattered around their store. I noticed that rather than deep red, they were a bright dark pink color instead, so I wasn't surprised when all the prizes turned out to be magenta, but I was definitely thrilled! You've got 4 days left before the hunt is over, so I hope you get the chance to go there very soon. I've indicated on each photo which prize numbers are being shown, and then each exact name will be listed in the credits at the end. Here we go....

Something else I'd like to point out is that the Slink manicure I'm wearing is one of 16 choices on a lovely HUD from a lucky cupcake at Baci. The adorable coincidence about those lucky cupcakes (if you aren't familiar, you right click and then click Yummy! and you take a bite, nom nom sound included, and either win a booby prize or something better) is the cute cherry on top of each. This one can be nibbled every 3 minutes, so if you don't win the HUD the first try, just hang around and browse for a bit then try again :) I think it took me 3 tries, which certainly isn't bad.

Wishing you all magic and love!

All Clothing from Purple Moon Cherries on Top Hunt $0L
Cherry #1- :: PM :: Maia Dress in Magenta

Cherry #2- :: PM :: Vivien Skirt in Magenta MESH
Cherry #3- :: PM :: Vivien Top in Magenta MESH
Cherry #4- :: PM :: Linet Dress in Magenta MESH
Cherry #5- :: PM :: Gretel Jacket Faux Fur Magenta MESH
Cherry #6- :: PM :: Skinny Jeans in Magenta [MESH]
Cherry #7- :: PM :: Break Skirt in Magenta [MESH]
Cherry #8- :: PM :: Maureen Dress in Magenta MESH

Cherry #9- :: PM :: Trinity Dress in Black/Magenta MESH
Cherry #10- :: PM :: Rita Vest Faux Fur in Magenta
Cherries #11-14 are Lazuri Euridice -all in one- 
Cherry #11- Rings left and right
Cherry #12- Earrings
Cherry #13- Choker
Cherry #14 Bracelets left and right

Nails: Wyld's Valentine Crush- $0L Lucky Cupcake prize at Baci
Shoes: Garbaggio FREE Sample Pack for SLink Feet $0L Marketplace gift
Lipstick: [mock] Hypershine Lipcolor Demo- Old Rose $0L wearable demo (one of many!)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Eshe Tan CL (group only lucky board prize, $350 fee to join)
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Gretchen - gingers (NOT free)

SIM: Calas Galadhon

Monday, February 23, 2015

Wild Jungle Adventure

Hiya everyone! Each hunt I do seems to provide some adventures, and I have a glimpse of two different hunts for you today. One is the Cute Cat Bowl Hunt, a very small one with really nice free prizes. The other is the Find Your Wild Side hunt, another one on the smaller side but fantastic prizes. With all the animal prints and such, I felt the urge to release my inner wild side, which brought me to a gorgeous jungle...
Exploring in my sexy shirt from Trashed from the FYWSH and a bright pink 'do from the lucky chairs at LNS, I stumbled upon part of a shipwreck and paused for a photo. With the sounds of the animals and the heat of the jungle riverbank, I wandered a bit before feeling the need to rest for a few minutes...
I really needed that moment to soak up the sun and the clean air. All that humidity made me feel I needed something lighter to wear, so I slipped into my VIPs Creations outfit from the Cute Cat Bowl Hunt, and couldn't resist another photo opportunity...
Is that a tiger I hear? I look apprehensive, that's for sure. I decided I'd had enough escapades in the jungle, so I headed home to reflect on what a beautiful time I'd had. 

I changed into a comfy casual outfit from a lucky chair at NoName, shoes from another chair there, and went back to my usual auburn hair but still felt the urge for a splash of color. Variety is wonderful, and being a bit wild is definitely a good thing!!

Shirt #1: Trashed <T> Roarin' Tee  Find Your Wild Side hunt prize $0L
Pants #1: (AB) Sam washed red bc $0L Marketplace
Pink Hair: [LNS Designs] KARINA - LUCKY PINK PACK BOX $0L Lucky Chair prize (comes with HUD for pink or purple hair, several colors for headband)

Outfit #2: VIPs Creations Cat Bowl Hunt Prize - Female Outfit- Sweet Cat $0L

Outfit #3: NoName [nn] Bubblegum Bitch - Blue  $0L Lucky Chair prize (no group needed)
Shoes: [nn] Kelly Heels (SLINK) Colorpack Dark (comes with HUD 4 different colors $0L Lucky Chair prize

All Photos:
Nails: Hello Dave VIPs- 25 Shades of Dave (group is $150L to join but sends weekly gifts and all previous are available)
Bracelet: .:Glint:. Women's Yin Yang bangles & beads set Boxed (group gift) $0L
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Adele GG june (group is $350L to join)

Jungle: Makeahla Jungle

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Feeling Lucky?

Hiya everyone! I've been having a blast visiting various lucky chairs and boards lately, since you never know what you'll find or if you'll even be fortunate enough to win a treat. First I visited 2 satellite stores of Sweet Cat, and managed to win the same new dress in a different color at each location. So much luck! :)

The first store I visited had the new dress in blue, and as you can see there is a shirt layer for under the mesh dress to give it a different (more modest) look, I can definitely see wearing it both ways for various occasions and just for the sake of variety. Lots of other lucky boards as well.
The next location I visited has this stunning red version on their lucky board, along with plenty of other boards that it is worth a visit as well :) Same idea with this dress, wear with or without the shirt layer to switch up the look.

If you still feel like checking out more lucky boards, then I've got great news! You can find 6 of them at Entice, the store whose skirt and blouse set I blogged just yesterday. Right near the Midnight Mania board, you may win this daring little number:
Love the colors, the sassy zipper, and wow that is a lot of leg showing! Great for a date night or just to hit a club.

In addition to lucky board goodies, I am wearing a group gift hair from LeLutka called Sienna, and manicures by La Boheme for the SLF&O group. Many thanks as always to the generous designers who are so good to us! Now I wish you all some amazing luck at those boards!!

Dress #1: *Sweet CAT* Art Dress Blue $0L Lucky Board prize
Dress #2: *Sweet CAT* Art Dress Red $0L Lucky Board prize
Dress #3: Entice - Beautiful Liar Dress- Marine $0L Lucky Board prize
Shoes: .: LIKE DESIGN :. Cinderella Shoes $0L Lucky Board prize (free group needed)
Hair: [LeLutka]-SIENNA hair - ItsNotGinger $0L Group Gift (Free to Join)
Nails: La Boheme [LB Fishnet Color] *Slink* $0L SLF&O Group Gift (Free to Join)
Skin:  .::WoW Skins::. Didy Milk 01 (group only lucky board prize)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

More Midnight Manias

Hiya everyone! I love the feeling of all the midnight mania boards I've clicked throughout the day, showering me with presents like it's Christmas every night! They may not all get enough clicks, but the ones that do always provide such terrific goodies. Here is a beautiful skirt and blouse set from Entice, which is currently on their Midnight Mania board for non-group members. There is another board for those who join their free group, and there are several lucky boards available for all.
I paired it with the Baby Monkey midnight mania board prize Imara, which I mentioned yesterday when I showed the dress from another midnight mania board there, and there is no group needed for either board. With all the color choices on the HUD, they worked beautifully with the next prize I'm showing you as well, the charming Lorey tunic dress by Rowena Springflower Designs.
The dress comes with a HUD to change colors as well, so you're sure to find a color that matches your mood. I love designers who use color HUDs!!

My final Midnight Mania prize I'd like to share is from Exquisite Jewellery, a stunning necklace and bracelet set. They didn't quite match either outfit, so I decided to go a different route in modeling them...
Thank goodness for nude pasties, hehe. My blog isn't indicated as adult content or anything so this was the safe way to show off this beautiful jewelry.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far, and I hope Midnight in SL is good to you!!!

Outfit #1: Entice - Karissa Top and Skirt Yellow $0L Midnight Mania prize
Dress: {RS} Lorey Tunic Dress  $0L Midnight Mania prize
Shoes in both: Baby Monkey BM Imara 15 for Slink High $0L Midnight Mania prize
Jewelry: Exquisite Tahoe Sunset Necklace (Jasper) & Bracelet Set Gift Box $0L Midnight Mania prize
Hair: LeLutka.Sheera hair.color chart $0L
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Kesia Group gift may ($350 to join group)
Nails:  ~*By Snow*~ Slink Nails Appliers - French Natural *FREE Gift* $0L on marketplace

Friday, February 20, 2015

Goodies and Group Gifts

Hiya everyone! Today I'll be showing some group gifts, and a few other random magpie treasures, as I found an interesting mix of treats to share. The first is a new-to-me store called La Moyet Design, and if you join their group for free you can access their group gift vendor where you pay $1 and get immediately reimbursed that linden, and receive your beautiful gift. There are several available, here are two of them...

This beauty also comes in a black version with a cherry pattern, and the style is fittingly called Rockabilly. I love the flash of animal pattern, as I do enjoy a dash of wild in my feminine outfits. :) Comes with 5 sizes.
This one just makes my heart happy, hehe, so many pretty frilly touches while still being one fierce outfit...those shoes (for SLink high) are even included. Shirt and leggings are each in 5 mesh sizes, and I want something like this in first life!

So then I popped over to one of my favorite shoe stores, Baby Monkey, which I have been a fan of for as long as I can remember. I have shoes of hers hiding in my inventory from 2008 or 2009 I think, LOL! The group is not currently free to join, but she does periodically offer a free join weekend. I'll post about the next one when it happens, I promise. Meanwhile, there are 3 Midnight Mania boards which don't need a group tag for you to click, each in a different building. You'll see lucky chairs as well which DO need the group tag however. This next outfit is the current Midnight Mania prize from the clothing building, along with a prize from the group lucky chair on my feet...

Please meet BM Ceci paisley dress, and BM Starla shoes for slink high feet. And why yes, Starla does seem to have gotten her name from those adorable stars on the heel and the bows! I adore these. Each item comes with a HUD to change to many different colors, one of the hallmarks of Pixie's style being versatility. Here's a glimpse at the HUD for the dress:
The HUD actually has a transparent background, that's a wall in my house LOL, sorry about that. You get the idea though, so many colors to choose from that you can't go wrong, and this is FREE on the no-group-needed Midnight Mania board. So why aren't you there clicking yet? :) Here is the direct SLURL to the shoe MM board as well, which is a pair of slink high shoes called Imara, also with a lovely 32-color HUD. Go go go!! :)

Ohhh another thing I need to point out before I do the credits...I'm even sporting new free hair today! I know it's been blogged by others, so you are probably aware of it, but just in case this is the LeLutka Sheera hair which comes with several color HUDs so you can find your favorite shades, no matter what they are. 

Okay, it's credits time now, sending plenty of magpie magical hugs out to all of you :)

Dress #1: ~LM~ Mesh RockaBilly Outfit - Unique Design $0L Group Gift
Outfit: ~LM~ Mesh Outfit - Black Witch $0L Group Gift
Dress #2: Baby Monkey BM Ceci Paisley Dress  $0L Midnight Mania prize
Shoes: BM Starla for Slink high - Group Only Lucky Chair prize
Hair: LeLutka.Sheera hair.color chart $0L
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. GG June Nahla (previous group gift still available but $350 to join)
Nails:  ~*By Snow*~ Slink Nails Appliers - French Natural *FREE Gift* $0L on marketplace

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Somnia Sequel

Hiya everyone! I kept thinking about the fun I had showing you HERE some of the abundance of lucky board prizes from Somnia, and decided it would be enjoyable to share some more so you could see the rest of the prizes. What I've captured is still only a small sampling, since each individual item is on the board in several different colors. The boards change every 2 minutes and it randomly cycles through the colors. So here we go, see below each picture for which prizes it contains...

Above is Hot Toddy in Hot Pink

This is Marionette (top) and Zhevios (pants) both in lime

Here we have Morautia (corset) and Nyitia (skirt) both in lavender 

Above is Oh La La and Zhevios again hehe, both in ice

This is Perky Frost in yellow, and Zhevios in brown

This above shows Pussy Jumper (how cute is that face, and those pawprints!) in yellow with Bunker Pegs in olive

And finally, check out the fun print on Tyrasi, shown in orange.

The nice thing is, not only did I get every single piece of clothing shown for free from the lucky boards, but if you look at one of them and think to yourself, "well I'd rather have that in this color!" that is quite possible that it's available to win. The dress Hot Toddy seems to have more unique colors, such as cream and grey, but the rest are great to mix and match like colors or coordinating colors.

Well, the weekend is almost here so I hope you're all making fun-filled plans! Be sure to set aside a bit of your SL time for a visit to Somnia if you haven't been there yet, so you too can win some prizes. Magical magpie hugs!

All Clothing Shown: Somnia lucky boards $0L
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Brianna - Gingers04 (not free)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Didy Milk 01 (previous lucky board prize, group only boards)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bit of Everything

Hiya everyone! Today I'm showing a fairly random assortment of magpie treasures, as I didn't really settle on a specific theme when there were so many possibilities. My day brought me to Fi's Creations for a store hunt called the He She It Hunt. Three prizes- one for the ladies and one for the men, and the third is for your home. For each prize, you have to click 30 of the corresponding color hearts around the store (pink for 'she', blue for 'he', yellow for 'it') and be sure to look both high and low. They make a cute noise when you click them, and give you a popup telling you how many of that color you've found so far. Click all 30 and head to the treasure chest, click it and there you have it, your free prize!

That's me relaxing in the prize for the ladies, that's all one piece and looks so snuggly! I love the detail of the bow at the waist. The men's prize looked to be the same outfit in blue, which would make for some very cute cuddling. My nails are a free Slink HUD from the marketplace, a nice simple French manicure By Snow.

I got this lovely blouse/dress from the Midnight Mania board at B!asta, and it comes with a HUD to change colors to some really pretty choices. The shoes are a lucky board prize from Like Design, group only but the group is free to join. Lots of nice stuff there, and there are 5 other lucky board prizes as well.

I hope this post finds you all well, warm and safe, and having a magical Second Life!!

Pajamas: Fi's Creations female prize Him Her It Hunt $0L
Dress: B!asta [ B! ] :TWELVE NIGHTS: Blouse dress in 6 colors (HUD) $0L Midnight Mania prize
Shoes: .: LIKE DESIGN :. Snake Shoes for Slink High  $0L lucky board, group needed but free to join
Nails: ~*By Snow*~ Slink Nails Appliers - French Natural *FREE Gift* $0L

Wild White Hunt

Hiya everyone! Sorry for running late, another busy day today somehow but I am eager to share a few things with you. I had a chance this morning to pick up a few prizes from the Wild White Hunt and boy, am I glad I did! I always appreciate it when the blog for a hunt shows prize previews, especially if they aren't free, because I simply feel better about spending even a linden on something when I know what to expect :) So here is a peek at some of what I picked up...

This gorgeous gown is from #10 Fi's Creations, and I love how it fits both the white part and the wild part with that animal print. The shoes are the prize from #19 Veronica's Secrets, for SLink high feet, and here is a closer view for you:
Beautiful detailing!! That's one really nice thing about themed hunts, particularly a color theme, usually most of the prizes can coordinate with each other so you don't have to spend ages sifting through inventory wondering what's gonna match with this new addition.

I adore the style of this prize from #16 Dahllywood, elegant and fun with that sexy flash of midriff and shoulder baring halter, balanced by the long full skirt. It almost looks like I am dreamily imagining going to an awards show in this one :)

The hair is yet another Truth creation, as I am overly fond of them it seems LOL, and the nails are an SLF&O group gift from Glaze. I am still sporting WoW skin as I have been for the past several blogs, but I am trying to be less of a creature of habit so as to bring better variety to you. Well, wishing everyone a beautiful and fun-filled day!!!

Dress #1: Fi's Creations - WILD WHITE Gown $1L Wild White Hunt prize
Dress #2: Dahllywood Sheet Cake - White $1L Wild White Hunt prize
Shoes: Veronica's Secrets *VS* Wild white hunt heels (for Slink high) $1L Wild White Hunt prize
Nails- Glaze Chevron Tips- $0L current SLF&O Group gift
Hair: Truth Hair Fleur in Gingers (not free) Shown with white flowers (separate attachment) but also comes with flowers in pink, purple, and blue
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. JULY GG 2013 CL (Previous Group Gift, still available but group $350L fee to join)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Group Gifties

Hiya everyone! As my local temperatures remain well below freezing, I had the urge to visit someplace in SL that looks warm and inviting, so I checked the handy destination guide on SL's homepage and chose to visit the Amazon rainforest. I decided to show a couple of group gifts from Prism Designs, a store I'm very familiar with from doing gridwide hunts for several years. Her group is free to join, and there are several gifts waiting for you. I photographed 2 of them before my computer went a bit wonky on me...

This is called Chelsea, and I love the cutouts on the sleeves and yes, the capris too. Prism's tagline is "adding color to your Second Life" and boy does this one ever live up to that! :) This gift includes a Lola's Tango applier for the shirt.

Next we have Sami, with a softly colored blouse to balance the leather pants very nicely. Feminine and strong, it's a great combination. The top also comes with a Lola's Tango applier.

These aren't the only group gifts I'd like to draw your attention to though, as my eyes are the newest gift from IKON called Charm eyes in brown. They come in 5 different sizes (I am wearing the medium) and a mesh pair with an alpha layer and a HUD. Here's a closer peek:

Well I certainly hope everyone is staying safe, warm, and happy! I'd love to hear from you if you have any thoughts on my blog, I'm still quite new but definitely enjoying myself. Take care!!

Outfit #1: Prism Chelsea by Journey - Batik  $0L Group Gift, Group is free to join
Outfit #2: Prism Sami by Journey  $0L Group Gift
Eyes: IKON VIP Group Gift- Charm Eyes - Brown (M)  $0L Group Gift, Group is free to join

Location: Amazon Rainforest Ecological Group