Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hugs and Kisses For Luck

Hiya everyone! I decided to start the Hugs and Kisses 3 hunt by Sin Original, and there are some lovely prizes as always. There were a few bumps in the road, but a determined magpie will always find some treasures ;)
This entire outfit (top, skirt, and boots all included) is the prize from the very first store, Sin Original. I love the ruffles on the top! I had made a tiny stop at the Wash Cart Sale, and my nails are not free but $10L for a gorgeous mani/pedi set from La Boheme was pretty irresistible so I went for it. I'm really a huge fan, well of La Boheme and the Wash sales in general.
This beautiful dress is the prize from *Toxic*H* and I am really enjoying the pattern on it. Some days just need flowers :)

Something else I loved was a prize from a lucky board at Rowena Springflower, such a cute schoolgirl outfit that isn't even really my normal style but truly caught my eye. I love the versatility of being able to mix and match different colors, play with HUDs, so fun! Well let's have a peek...
The tie is separate(so optional) and comes in several different colors, the jacket and skirt are mesh (standard sizes) and controlled by the HUD to change colors, and the bra is a system layer in several coordinating colors. You could be daring and go without the bra, or wear each part in a totally different color, whatever mood you're in. Go for it!! Here is the HUD for the jacket and skirt:
Imagine all the possibilities!! I just showed you two, but you're only limited by your own creativity. I so adore clothing with HUDs!!

Well, it's time for the credits, first I'll leave you with a positive thought...I've gotten into the habit of asking people when they're having a rough time, what the best part of their day was. So I'll suggest to all of you to take a moment to think that over, what was the best part of your day? It could be something as simple as breathing in the smell of your coffee this morning, or realizing you were smiling for no special reason. Those little things become the big things sometimes. Love to you all!!

Outfit #1: Sin Original Hugs & Kisses 3 LADIES GIFT $0L Hugs & Kisses 3 Hunt Prize
Dress #2: *ToXiC*H* Tunic Dress Red Flowers $0L Hugs & Kisses 3 Hunt Prize
Outfit #3: {RS} Katie Schoolgirl Outfit  $0L Lucky Board Prize

Nails: La Boheme [LB ChromeEdgeSilver1] *Slink* Manicure for The Wash Sale $10L
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dasha - Gingers (not free)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Fay CL GG NOV (group gift $350L to join)

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