Sunday, February 15, 2015

Somnia Sunday

Hiya everyone! It's a snowy day in my neck of the woods, and I was thinking about one of my favorite sweaters in SL when it hit's from a lucky board at Somnia, and I don't remember ever seeing those boards blogged anywhere. There are 16 lucky boards that change every 2 minutes, so you can add considerable goodies to your wardrobe in a short amount of time. No group needed, just head for the store and go upstairs and turn left. Lots of wild cards come up on these boards too (the question marks where anyone can click) so even more opportunity to win! Each board has a single item in several different colors, which allows for a lot of mixing and matching. Well why don't I just show you some of the prizes? :)

Above is Poofcake (shirt) and Bunker Pegs (capris) both in rose

Above is Boffle (shirt and sweater, separately so can wear with other colors) and Bunker Pegs (capri pants again) both in powder

Here you can see the lovely Velveteen Spangle dress in lime

And these are Regality (shirt and vest, separately to mix/match) and Nyitia (skirt) in olive

This is Eclipse Vortex in peach

Finally above is Cuddle Smush the shirt/sweater (all one piece) and Zhevios pants, both in wine.

There are other colors and other items not shown...colors include brown, orange, ice, and one of my favorites, lavender. While I could have happily spent all day taking more photos, I was afraid the page would take all day to load for you! This certainly gives you a good idea of what's available though, and shows just how worthwhile a trip it is. My personal favorites are probably the bunker peg capris, the boffle shirt/sweater, and the cuddle smush shirt. The items I didn't show include a skirt, a corset, short sleeve shirt, another long sleeve shirt, and dresses. Well what are you waiting for? Go win some awesome stuff, and I wish you the best of luck!! :)

This one is easy, all clothing shown is from Somnia lucky is from Truth, skin is from Wow Skins, feet are SLink flat.

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