Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lucky Board Mania

Hello again dear readers, I've got a few goodies to show off from the mini mania boards at Rowena Springflower and Precious Designs. If you're not familiar with this store, these wonderful designers share a store and their MM/lucky boards are all upstairs like a generous slice of heaven! Each has their own free group with gifts on the same wall as the MM and lucky boards, and both ladies support the SLF&O group with several fun gifts for that free group as well. I am a huge fan of that group by the way, stores from all over the grid are willing to provide gifts and introduce us to their work in such a thoughtful way. Here's one from Rowena's lucky boards, and I'm showing you the HUD to change colors of this lovely knit-textured wrap dress...

And now an elegant gown with a flash of midriff from Precious Designs which can be found on her lucky boards, also with the HUD showing the color choices....

What a great way to add affordable variety to your wardrobe without overflowing your inventory! I love the color change HUDs, and am really glad that both of these designers provide them for almost everything they create. Enjoy, wishing you all an amazing day!

Dress #1: Rowena Springflower {RS} Rachel Wrap Dress $0L Mini Mania board prize
Dress #2: Precious Designs *PD* Chrissy Gown $0L Lucky Board prize
Jewelry #1: Exquisite Jewellery Exquisite Princess Sapphire Collection $0L Midnight Mania prize
Nails: .: Somnia :. Toppled Stars Lights (Not Free)
Nails #2: {Nail Me!} Free Gift! $0L found on front desk of store in a bag (includes Slink hands/feet and an Omega HUD)
Hair: TRUTH Hair Gretchen Gingers (Not Free)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. JULY GG 2013 CL (Previous Group Gift, still available but group NOT free to join)

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