Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Advent Season in Full Swing

Hiya everyone! Tuesday has arrived and brought with it some great new Advent calendar gifts, which I am very pleased to show you a sampling of today. It is a busy month with advent, hunts, and The Wash Cart Sale starting tomorrow :) With all these exciting things, it can be hard deciding which of the many goodies to show you each day, so I just aim for variety.

!Rebel Hope has a very generous gift waiting behind door 13 in the KittyCatS! Advent calendar for all of us, the entire outfit you see here. The cowl neck sweater dress and the sexy boots each come in standard mesh sizes along with Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, Slink,  and Hourglass sizes for a terrific fit and easy pairing. The belt is attached to the dress, and the garters are a built in part of the boots. You probably noticed my adorable kitty cat ears, with their delicate roses adorning them, well they are included in this wonderful gift as well in red, pink, and purple. The KittyCatS! advent calendar can be found at many locations, the one in the credits is the KittyCatS main store but I believe most if not all of the participating stores have one set up for us too.

 This lovely advent gift put me in more of a tropical mood than a Christmas one, which is not a bad thing but actually a fun one. This is from Moonstar, *V* Itzel Dress which consists of the top and bottom in system layers plus appliers for Lola, Maitreya, Slink, and Omega. The skirt has a built in resize script so it can adjust to most shapes and sizes. I'm sure you see my eye peeking at you, well that is today's Inkheart advent gift for their group members (free to join) and is called April Eyes - Illusions. As with all their gifts, this includes 4 sizes in system and mesh versions, of which I am wearing the size M. They are a lovely pale blue-grey shade, with a beautiful reflection.

I had to run away from a rolling restart, Tuesday mornings in SL can sure be challenging. This delicate delight is one of our 2 Advent gifts from Emerald Couture, EC Go For Flowers and it was a Happy Easter Hunt Gift initially. If you missed it from the hunt, I hope you don't pass up the opportunity to pick it up now. You will receive it in plenty of mesh sizes: 5 standard, 5 fitted, 5 busty, Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink, to fit just about any of us. I must admit, the colors really bring out my eyes too!

Confession time...I did something odd, not for the first time and certainly not the last time...I was curious about the Maitreya hands that were included with my Maitreya body, so I decided to wear just one (the left) while wearing my Slink Elegant 1 hand on the right to see how they compared. An interesting test was to give myself some manicures, and Entice has this gorgeous set as their Advent gift for today (free group tag needed). Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland Nails HUD features Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, and Omega compatibility with 6 designs for each. Maitreya only allows 1 design at a time, but Slink let me show off the other 5 so you can see all 6 choices :) 

More wonderful nails, the left side (on my Slink hand) is today's advent gift from Hello Dave, 5 variations of the design half white, half red, and a golden bow in the middle at various angles. You do need the free group tag to claim this, and I cannot possibly recommend this group enough for her consistent generosity. On the right side, my Maitreya hand is showing off the DP Koffin Nails gift found for today in the 1313 Mockingbird Lane advent calendar. Much like the KittyCatS calendar, this is a multi-designer collaboration bringing an exciting variety of gifts to all of us, no group necessary. The gift is called Dark Rainbow Candy and has 3 flesh toned base colors with bright colors swirled into the black tips. Maitreya, Slink, and Omega HUDs are all included in this fatpack.

My skin today is an Advent gift from 7 Deadly s{K}ins, their Daisey 4th July skin line which I believe was originally in a gacha since one is labeled rare. This thoughtful gift consists of skins V1 through V7 (I am wearing V4 here) plus the rare skin, all in Apricot, plus appliers for Maitreya, Banned Booty, Phatazz, Slink hands and feet, and Tango. Some of the variations have red lips, there are different eye looks with varied eyeshadow and liner, but all seem to stick with the red and blue of the 4th of July theme. Such a pretty set, and a generous gift to have 8 different looks included.

Tomorrow will be busy in RL here, but I am still looking forward as always to sharing freebies, bargains and much more with all of you. Magical magpie hugs to everyone!!


Photo 1:
Outfit: !Rebel Hope - KittyCats Advent Calendar Gifts $0L Advent Gift

Photo 2:
Dress: Moonstar *V* Itzel Dress $0L Advent Gift
Eyes: *Inkheart* - April Eyes - Illusions $0L Advent Gift (Free Group Tag Needed)

Photo 3:
Dress: Emerald Couture EC Go For Flowers [Happy Easter Hunt Gift] $0L Advent Gift

Photo 4:
Nails: Entice - Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland Nails HUD $0L Advent Gift (Free Group Needed)

Photo 5:
Nails Left: Hello Dave - Nail Appliers - December 13th $0L Advent Gift (Free Group Tag Needed)
Nails Right: DP - Koffin Nails - FatPack - Dark Rainbow Candy $0L Advent Gift @1313 Mockingbird Lane

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Daisey 4th July V4 $0L Advent Gift

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Celine Mesh Hair - Basics 
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual/Elegant 1
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Deluxe Pack

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