Monday, March 14, 2016

Twisted Jewelry Treasures

Hiya everyone! Most of the prizes I've shared from the Twisted Hunt have had necklines that would not have showcased necklaces to their full advantage, so I found one that would and decided to make it a jewelry night :) There are some lovely gifts here, so I hope you enjoy.

Let's start by talking about the clothing that is the base of all these photos tonight...this eye-catching lingerie is the prize from +Facepalm+ (#56) and is a system tattoo layer shown (yes, seriously, that's just a tattoo LOL) with a mega HUD that offers appliers for Belleza, Slink, Omega, Eve, and Maitreya. This first set of jewelry is the Twisted Odyssey Gold/Onyx Jewelry Set from Secrets of Gaia who are #1 in the hunt path. Find their cube and you will receive the necklace, earrings, bracelets, crown, and tiara you see above. Note about the tiaras, there are two versions and the one shown in the inset is the smaller front whereas the regular one is more like the crown from the main photo in size.

Next we have a bold set from #10 Chop Zuey called Chains of Calypso. This prize includes the necklace, bracelets, and earrings you see here, each with a built in resize script. These beauties are wonderful for when you want your jewelry to make a statement.

Necklaces galore! Chaos, Panic, & Disorder is known for their generosity in hunts with several prizes for each, and I find they have a great attention to detail. They are #19 in the hunt path and actually have 7 different prizes, 3 of which are shown above. The main photo is An Offering to the Shades for women (the mens' is another hidden prize) and looks like an elegant potion bottle. The inset shows the Lotus Eater Necklace for women on the top and Polyphemus Choker for women on the bottom, each of which have a mens' version hidden somewhere in the store. I am loving the antique look of the gold for all these necklaces! I knew that Polyphemus was a cyclops so wasn't entirely surprised by the creepy-cool eye on that choker, and I'm familiar with the Lotus Eaters story, but the Offering to the Shades is eluding me as to its origins. 

My last dazzler of the night is prize #29 from Spyralle, their Odyssey Necklace. They specialize in fractal patterns and you can see that works very nicely with the ocean waves of the necklace. Since the theme colors are a suggestion but not a requirement, it is fun to see a pop of bright color, too.

My nail note of the night is another Twisted prize, #74 from DP - Koffin Nails Fat Pack - Greek Deco. I know you can't see them in most of the photos, so stay tuned and you'll be seeing them again and closer soon :) 

Not much to say about my day, just your basic Monday...I am still working on the trickier stops of the Twisted hunt, and have other treats in store from other hunts as well so I have plenty of exciting posts planned. Have a terrific day/evening, magical magpie hugs to all of you!!

All Prizes from the Twisted Hunt:

Photo 1:

Lingerie: +Facepalm+ Twisted Dreams $0L Prize #56
Jewelry: Secrets of Gaia SoG Twisted Odyssey Gold/Onyx Jewelry Set $0L Prize #1

Photo 2:

Jewelry: Chop Zuey - The Chains of Calypso Set $0L Prize #10

Photo 3:
Necklace 1: :*:CPD:*: An Offering to the Shades (Women) $0L Prize #19
Necklace 2: :*:CPD:*: Lotus Eater Necklace (Women) $0L Prize #19

Necklace 3: :*:CPD:*: Polyphemus Choker (Women) $0L Prize #19

Photo 4:

Necklace: Spyralle Odyssey Necklace $0L Prize #29

Nails: DP - Koffin Nails - Fat Pack - Greek Deco $0L Prize #74

Hair: Magika [01] Meadow
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - MARCH - Merle marshmellow v1 Group Gift ($300L Fee To Join)
Lips: Tuli [:T:] Teeth HUD
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

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