Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Je Suis Tres Chic

 Hiya everyone! Tonight's post is full of wonderful gifts from the Tres Chic event and their 9th anniversary round. We know how to celebrate these in SL, right? Join their free group, get your Je suis Tres Chic group tag, and click any gift you can find :) They are in a wide range of boxes with some being just the word "gift" or even a vendor photo like what's for sale, so you may need to examine each display pretty carefully. Of course, that shouldn't be a problem as you'll also see plenty of tempting offers for sale, from a truly talented group of designers who always impress me :) The round just opened so it might be slightly crowded but you should be able to get in.

My first look of the night is the -LD- Livia Dress/LegBand Fatpack gift from Little Diamond. Their dress has a diagonal hemline that shows off the legband if we wish to add it, and they each fit eBody, Lara X, Petite X, Legacy, Perky, Maitreya, and Waifu mesh bodies. There is also a HUD with 10 textures each for the dress, band, and zeep which turns out to be the zipper on the band :) Have fun experimenting with the HUD like I did!

I also claimed a beautiful gift from [RUNWAY] called POEMA DRESS .EMERALD. How can I possibly resist a strapless peplum ballgown with full skirt and mermaid shaping? This lovely gift includes sizing for Freya, Hourglass, Legacy, Perky, and Maitreya mesh bodies.

Two generous gifts can be seen here, so let's start from the top. That would be the rvn - Aya's turtleneck - black treat, a cropped sleeveless turtleneck with open sides that are tied loosely in place with long loopy bows. We receive Lara X, Petite X, Legacy, Perky, Maitreya, Petite, Mesh Body Classic, Reborn, and Waifu mesh body sizes. It goes really well with the Vanilla Bae - Tatjana Skirt (PG) gift, don't you think? This cutie comes in Lara X, Legacy, Maitreya, and Reborn mesh body sizes, with a HUD offering 3 colors for the skirt and 7 for the metals. That would be the zigzag clip on the left side, holding it in place above a flirty opening. It feels like a sarong, like we could wear it over a swimsuit for a quick beach jaunt.

Bodysuits can be really irresistible, like this :Dernier: "Andrea" Bodysuit - FATPACK gift :) There are Erika, Kupra, Legacy, and Maitreya sizes included, as well as a HUD with 15 colors to choose from. 3 of those are exclusive to the fatpack, making this a special bonus to an already lovely gift. The HUD also allows us to adjust the shine.

For my final look this evening, I'm enjoying the flirty and fun Kaithleen's Camilla Tank Dress - Green. The unpacking HUD offers all sorts of sizes - Belleza Classic, Belleza Curvy, eBody Curvy, Kupra, Legacy, Perky, Maitreya, Petite, Reborn, and Juicy Boobs mesh bodies. Then there's a handy HUD with 20 colors apiece for the lining, center, and lining again which means we can change the hues of the two layers of trim at the edges, and the center lining down the back :) You know I'm gonna have lots of fun playing with this HUD, as I do all too often. It's a wonder I don't crash more often...lol...

So many companies seem to have the motto of "if it isn't broken, we can fix that", meaning they tamper with things that people are already successfully using on a regular basis and making them worse. Why do I mention this now? Well, that's what took me so long tonight to edit (layer and add text to) my photos, because Photoshop updated and borked my fonts. The kerning made it look like there was an entire space between each letter, and they literally lost my chosen fault so it defaulted to Arial. Since they don't call it kerning, I had to dig into all sorts of settings and help pages before accidentally fixing it, lol, and now I need to find another font that I actually like. If my settings don't hold when I use it next, I just might scream again. Otherwise it was a quiet day, and I am glad there are more gifts from this event to share tomorrow :) I hope you're all having a pleasant day/evening, many magical magpie hugs to everyone!!

All Group Gifts from Tres Chic Event:

Photo 1:
Dress: Little Diamond -LD- Livia Dress/LegBand Fatpack $0L Tres Chic Group

Photo 2:
Dress: [RUNWAY] POEMA DRESS .EMERALD. $0L Tres Chic Group

Photo 3:
Top: rvn - Aya's turtleneck - black $0L Tres Chic Group
Skirt: Vanilla Bae - Tatjana Skirt (PG) $0L Tres Chic Group

Photo 4:
Bodysuit: :Dernier: "Andrea" Bodysuit - FATPACK $0L Tres Chic Group

Photo 5:
Dress: Kaithleen's Camilla Tank Dress - Green $0L Tres Chic Group

Head: LeLUTKA Fleur Head 3.1
Hair: TRUTH Muse - Essential
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. .WS. pale AMELIE EVOX SKIN
Ring: {Carter} Wedding Zoe (Marketplace)
Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara 5.3
All Poses: Verocity  (Various Sets)

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