Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Few More WOMENstuff Prizes

Hiya everyone! I have a quick post to share with you, a few more of the many wonderful WOMENstuff Hunt prizes, which as there are so many I can easily keep busy with them for quite a while. As it is a holiday weekend here in the USA and I have a houseguest, I kept these photographs quite simple.

First we have a sweet spaghetti strap style dress from Sherbert, who are #083 in the hunt. The colors are quite fun, and the style works well if you are still thinking of warm late summer evenings. I might wear this dress while I finish this hunt, finding the rest of the prizes out there. It comes in standard sizes plus a fitted mesh version which I believe is better for mesh bodies.

I think this dress is deceptively simple at first glance, when in actuality it is really sexy with that plunging cleavage and alluring slit skirt. This mesh Tuxedo Dress is our prize #060 from Grumble, who not only sponsor several hunts per year but take part in many as well. Just find the red t-shirt there and you'll have this wonderful dress for your own, standard mesh sizes and the belt is attached.

When thinking simple and cute, these overalls with attached tank top beneath definitely caught my attention and begged to be shared. The side view actually works nicely to display the fun buttons that perfectly match the shirt, and the flash of belly skin that shows before the denim overalls start and the pink shirt ends. Please head to #066 C&P Casual Wear if you want this free gift too :) We all have days where we need something suitable for hanging around with friends or going out shopping, and these are relaxed but pretty and comfy looking.

Nail note of the night: MANIK QUEEN is stop #091 in the hunt, and we have them to thank for the beautiful Very Vintage Nails I am sporting in the photos tonight. 6 choices with soft pastels, dark trim or light trim, in HUDs for Slink or Omega so these will work on many different hands and feet.

As for me, I am still stuffed from a barbecue earlier with family and friends, couldn't ask for better company really, and the food was delicious :) Organic, locally sourced food is good for the body and soul, and I really should eat that way all the time like my parents do. It has been a busy but fantastic day, and I am sending best wishes and magpie hugs to all of you!!

All Prizes from the WOMENstuff Hunt 2015:

Photo 1:

Dress: Sherbert WSH Dress  $0L Prize #083

Photo 2:

Dress: Grumble-MESH Tuxedo Dress-Black/White  $0L Prize #060

Photo 3:

Outfit: C&P Casual Wear Dungarees  $0L Prize #066

Nails: MANIK QUEEN - Very Vintage Nails (Slink/Omega)  $0L Prize #091

Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Gretchen - gingers
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - August 2015 GIRLS marshmellow cleavage
Lips: [:T:] Parted lips {free from TULI skins} Parted lips 1  $0L Marketplace
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

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