Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Falloween at Pick Your Poison

Hiya everyone! I stumbled across a great little event by Pick Your Poison called Falloween Gacha and Hunt involving about 10 designers, and for the hunt part all prizes are on the same parcel so no need to teleport all around the grid. There are hints to help you find the little treat bags that instead of being stuffed with candy, hold free gifts of clothing, accessories and more! I'd like to show you a sampling of what I found there.

I compiled all 4 gifts from Catastrophe Designs into one outfit as shown, but you can certainly wear each component with whatever you prefer. The top is a vest/tank one piece mesh called Black Grunge Harper Vest, and the skirt is Crosses skater skirt, both of which come in standard mesh sizes. Another treat bag contains the Scary Necklace and Batty Earrings, a fantastic addition to any Halloween wardrobe. The other prize as you probably guessed by now is the Black/Orange Molly Wedges, which are for Slink high feet and have such great details like the heart shaped buckles and delightful bows.

If you need a playful and sexy outfit for the season, Living Dead Girl has this amazing prize hiding in their treat bag. LDG Muertos Top and Shorts come in several mesh sizes for each piece, for an ideal fit. It is remarkably colorful for the theme, but it works and looks great!

Who ya gonna call? NS2C! Okay, not quite the same ring to it...but I couldn't resist, seeing Slimer from Ghostbusters on this off the shoulder top from Now Start 2 Create. The sexy micro mini skirt with attached belt is also included in this terrific gift, which might explain why Slimer's tongue is hanging out ;) I'll probably wear the shirt with a simple pair of jeans instead when I want something cute and casual.

Dahllywood has 6 little treat bags hidden around, which can be combined to make one super snazzy retro outfit for Halloween! Their Retroween top is prize #4, and the Retroween skirt is in treat bag #5. They each come in standard mesh sizes, which is always helpful. Prize #1 is the Pumpkin Peek-a-Boo Necklace, which I had to show a closer view so you could see the precious bunny hiding inside. Prize #2 is the coordinated Retroween bracelets, and prize #3 includes the Retroween Bow and the Retroween Glasses, each featuring that sweet bunny inside the pumpkins again. Not shown are the matching Retroween heels for Slink Mid, found inside treat bag #6. 

Our final glimpse for the night is the ~CheekyGeeky~ prize, their awesome Cthulhu heels! I felt simply compelled to share the delightful tentacle heels, sublime for Halloween or whenever you wish.

Nail note of the night: I decided to go with a Marketplace freebie in a Halloween theme, so I was quite pleased to find the G O S H ! Fingers and Toesies - Hallow's Eve HUD available for free. For Slink hands and feet, they offer 5 choices that suited my outfits wonderfully. Be sure to check out their other free offerings on the Marketplace as well.

So today was a long and tiring day, the type where going out with someone for one quick stop turns into a 2+ hour journey involving 4 stops instead. I see we have just entered Tuesday in my time zone, so I'm hopeful that I am starting a better and more restful day :) Magical magpie hugs to each of you!!

All Prizes from the Pick Your Poison Falloween Hunt:

Photo 1:
Vest: Catastrophe Designs *CD*  Black Grunge Harper Vest  $0L Hunt Prize
Skirt: *CD* Crosses Skater Skirt  $0L Hunt Prize
Shoes: *CD* Black/Orange Molly Wedges  $0L Hunt Prize
Jewelry: *CD* Scary Necklace & Batty Earrings SCARY  $0L Hunt Prize

Photo 2:
Outfit: Living Dead Girl LDG Muertos Shorts & Top  $0L Hunt Prize

Photo 3:
Outfit: Now Start 2 Create N2SC Slimer & Leather Shoulder Top + Mini Skirt  $0L Hunt Prize

Photo 4:
Top: Retroween Top by Dahllywood  $0L Hunt Prize 4 of 6
Skirt: Retroween Skirt by Dahllywood  $0L Hunt Prize 5 of 6
Necklace: Pumpkin Peek-a-Boo Necklace - Orange  $0L Hunt Prize 1 of 6
Bracelets: Retroween - Bracelets by Dahllywood  $0L Hunt Prize 2 of 6
Bow/Glasses: Retroween Bow and Retroween Glasses  $0L Hunt Prize 3 of 6

Photo 5:

Shoes: ~CheekyGeeky~ Cthulhu Heels FALLOWEEN HUNT Gift $0L

Nails: G o s h ! Fingers & Toesies - Hallow's Eve FREE  $0L Marketplace Gift

Hair: TRUTH Ami - gingers
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. V2 Zahra Tan CL
Lips: [:T:] Parted lips {free from TULI skins} Parted lips 1  $0L Marketplace
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

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