Saturday, October 3, 2015

Spookify Your Body

Hiya everyone! One really fun thing about October gridwide hunts is that they can take on Halloween type themes in a variety of ways, and Apply Your Body Hunts has playfully tackled the season with their Spookify Your Body Hunt. You'll be looking for a flat prim with a smiling pumpkin (jack o'lantern) on it. I love my Slink hands and feet, especially playing with the great nail designs out there for them, so that is my main motivation for enjoying this hunt. Tomorrow I'll focus on the nails, tonight I have featured some great clothing and skin that comes with appliers plus a bonus of shoes!

Just look at all the delightful skin tones we can find in the pumpkin at Dulce Secrets, #15 in the hunt path. The shades are called Bloodless, Craven, Flesh, Indigo, Malice, and Starlight (shown in each photo in that order from left to right). These each come with matching Slink and Omega HUDs, and the makeup is really striking on each color. 

Since you were probably wondering about the sexy seasonal lingerie I'm wearing, here's a better look at prize #20 from Que Bella! This is their Sasha Pumpkins bra and panty, more of a thong really, and it does come with appliers for Omega and TMP. As you may notice, I left the Flesh tone of the Dulce Secrets prize skin on for the remainder of the photos.

Looking for some clever shoes for Halloween? Head on over to Grumble, store #4 in the hunt, and you'll find these Little Devil Slink heels in their pumpkin. Those pitchfork heels are fairly subtle if you're not zooming in on your feet, but they are really a great touch and the orange color should go well with plenty of seasonal outfits.

Our last goodie for the night is this bodysuit filled with symbols of the holiday! Prize #14 is from Scrambled Eggy's and is called Candied Bats, and it includes the system layers shown plus appliers for Slink, Lena, Belleza, and Omega for a wide variety of bodies. I love the style of it, from the straps in the front to the pointed dip in the back. I'm even thinking that I will probably wear the top as a shirt and pair it with jeans or a simple skirt. Versatility is a wonderful thing :)

Nail note of the night: I tried on one of the prizes from the hunt from #22 Purrsnickitty called Webby Nails, and the finger HUD didn't work for me; nothing on it was clickable. I tried on the toes HUD and guess what? That one worked perfectly on both my fingers and toes :) So I left the orange shade on for all the photos. I never rule out the possibility of an SL glitch so I'll give it another try later, but for now at least we know the toes HUD worked fine for me.

Well, it's been an enjoyable but tiring day and I didn't get enough sleep as usual, hehe, so I am eager for my second wind to kick in as it always does :) There were 2 new bakers at the farmers' market this morning, so I have some treats to sweeten my weekend even more. I hope you're all having a great day/evening, magical magpie hugs to each of you!!

All Prizes from the Spookify Your Body Hunt:

Photo 1:

Skins: Dulce Secrets Tempest Alchemist Skins  $0L Prize #15

Photo 2:

Lingerie: Que Bella! !Q.B! Sasha~Pumpkins Bra and Panty  $0L Prize #20

Photo 3:

Shoes: Grumble-Little Devil SLINK High Heels-Orange  $0L Prize #4

Photo 4:

Bodysuit: Scrambled Eggy's ~Candied Bats *SH*~  $0L Prize #14

Nails: {Purrsnickitty} Webby Nails (Toes HUD)  $0L Prize #22

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dolly - gingers
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

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