Thursday, October 1, 2015

Beloved Jewelry Treasures

Hiya everyone! I found out about a store hunt later than I would have liked, because it ends on October 4th so I'm only giving you a few days notice, but it's SO worth it! Beloved Jewelry has remodeled their store, so they decided to celebrate by hiding 10 rubies around the store containing free gifts. If you walk around the store and look, you can see them all without having to cam behind or under the displays or into walls, hehe, it's not a terribly tricky hunt and since it's one store rather than a gridwide hunt, I have confidence that you can do it :) It only took me a few minutes of admiring the store and their lovely jewelry before I'd found all 10 rubies. Their style is elegant and relatively simple overall, and I feel that makes them very versatile. Let's have a look at those prizes, shall we?

First we have prizes #1 and #2, which are their Silver Choker with Lilac Stones and matching Silver Earrings with Lilac Stones. The choker comes in a version with a resize script built in if you need it, I am wearing without and it just needed a slight height adjustment for me. You can see in the earrings closeup that the lilac stones are a very pale shade, so these can match almost any pink or purple in your wardrobe along with most other colors.

Find the rubies labeled #3 and #4 and you will be the proud new owner of this stunning set, the Gold Choker with Green Stones and matching earrings. This choker as with the others does have a resize version as well as one without, and the yellow gold tone complements the light green stones very well. 

If you enjoy a nice crescent moon design as I do, you will definitely want to find these prizes, #5 and #6. The Gold Necklace and matching Gold Earrings are beautifully crafted, and the little details make things special. This necklace also comes with a resize version.

As you can see, there are even matching bracelets and rings to be found for that last set, so you can add more sparkle! The bracelets are prize #7 and come in left and right versions, and the ring is #8 which is for the right hand and has a resize version along with one without. This ring only needed the slightest tweak to sit just right on my mesh hand, so that was a relief.

This set strikes me as very feminine with the pale pink pearls, yet with a dash of nontraditional as the setting is unique and very appealing. This lovely Pink Bead Necklace is #9, the matching Pink Bead Earrings can be found in prize #10. The necklace has a resize version as well. I do love the colors chosen for these prizes, and can easily see them all becoming staples in my SL wardrobe.

Nail note of the night: at the new home of the Kiyomizu Mall, you will find that *pulcino* has 2 lucky boards in their store there, and one of them has a set of Slink nails called Beast, which you can see in only one of my photos above really but I do intend to show again soon :) The other lucky board has a gorgeous dress that I also will be sharing soon. For now, you got a tiny glimpse of a golden nail with a slender red streak down the middle, and darker gold like a shadow on each side. There are other colors for the center stripe, as you will see. No group needed at their Kiyomizu Mall location's boards either, which is a plus. My dress, which can barely be seen but deserves another mention, is an enMESHed Into Fall prize that I blogged yesterday, the lovely Antoinelle dress from [Marquesse].

Well, I hope you're all having a cozy day/evening, it's been rainy and dreary here but I am keeping my chin up and finding reasons to smile or giggle; it's what I do! Magical magpie hugs to each and every one of you :)

All Prizes from the Beloved Jewelry Red Ruby Mini Hunt:

Photo 1:
Necklace: Beloved Jewelry : Gift Hunt 1 Silver Choker w/ Lilac Stones  $0L Prize #1
Earrings: Beloved Jewelry : Gift Hunt 2 Silver Earrings L&R w/ Lilac Stones  $0L Prize #2

Photo 2:
Necklace: Beloved Jewelry : Gift Hunt 3 Gold Choker w/ Green Stones  $0L Prize #3
Earrings: Beloved Jewelry : Gift Hunt 4 Gold Earrings L&R w/ Green Stones  $0L Prize #4

Photo 3:
Necklace: Beloved Jewelry : Gift Hunt 5 Gold Necklace  $0L Prize #5
Earrings: Beloved Jewelry : Gift Hunt 6 Gold Earrings  $0L Prize #6

Photo 4:
Bracelet: Beloved Jewelry : Gift Hunt 7 Gold Bracelet L&R (Right shown)  $0L Prize #7
Ring: Beloved Jewelry : Gift Hunt 8 Gold Ring (Right Hand)  $0L Prize #8

Photo 5:
Necklace: Beloved Jewelry : Gift Hunt 9 Pink Bead Necklace  $0L Prize #9

Earrings: Beloved Jewelry : Gift Hunt 10 Pink Bead Earrings L&R  $0L Prize #10

Dress: [Marquesse] Antoinelle Dress  $0L EIF Hunt Prize

Nails: *pulcino* Slink Applier [Beast]  $0L Lucky Board Prize

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dasha - gingers
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Jaz Tan CL
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

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