Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dress Me Purple

Hiya everyone! I am always excited to hear that PurpleMoon is having an in-store hunt, and this new one is chock full of beautiful prizes!! The official name is the Dress Me Purple II Hunt - a PurpleMoon Event, and it runs until April 10th so you have over a week to get there and enjoy. Purple is one of my favorite colors, so all the goodies being in that color family are an extra special touch. You are looking for 10 light purple easter eggs throughout the store, main floor only, and they aren't hidden in very complicated places or anything. Just click them to receive your free gifts!
In this first photo I am pleased to show you the prizes from egg #1 (the pants) and #2 (the shirt). They are both named Lula so are designed to go together if you wish, and are both mesh in the usual array of sizes.

Two more prizes that are meant to go together can be seen in this photo, our skirt is in egg #3 and that sexy top is in #6. These are both named Faye and are a beautiful set, or mix and match with the previous items or pretty much anything in your wardrobe. I love the balance of the long skirt with the revealing shirt, showing skin but not absolutely everywhere.

This lovely outfit named Heidi is in egg #4 and is all one piece, which makes it an easy choice when you want something simple but elegant. I'll be doing hunting later wearing this one :)

Here is Lolli, a beautiful dress with a great texture in a dreamy color, and I am so loving that pretty peplum skirt! This could be dressed up with a nice statement necklace or perhaps some colorful bangles, perhaps your favorite jewelry item you have stashed in your inventory.

This is just such a cute dress from egg #7, the pattern and the pretty lace down the front really caught my eye along with the fabulous soft color. Then I saw that egg #8 contained a matching sweater, and immediately thought JACKPOT! :) I think of this as an ideal date night dress.

As you can see from the dress in egg #9, it's not all pastels...this deep vibrant purple is the perfect shade for our Maureen dress. I love the style and the satiny look.

This is another versatile dress, the #10 egg holds our dress named Mellie, with attachments for ornament flowers on the shoulder and the waist. I think if your hair is down, you could dress it up with the waist flowers but leave off the shoulder ones and it would look amazing. It looks terrific with or without them, as you can see. I'm loving the colors and the little details.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the treasures I've found, and I hope you are all having a lovely week :) Magpie hugs to all!!

All Prizes from the Dress Me Purple II Hunt:
Photo 1: :: PM :: Lula Top Purple MESH (02) and :: PM :: Lula Slacks Purple MESH (01)
Photo 2: :: PM :: Faye Top in Purple [MESH] (06) and :: PM :: Faye Floral Skirt MESH (03)
Photo 3: :: PM :: Heidi Coat w/dress Purple MESH (04)
Photo 4: :: PM :: Lolli Dress in Purple MESH (05)
Photo 5: :: PM :: Masami Dress in Lilac MESH (07) and :: PM :: Masami Cardigan in Lilac MESH (08)
Photo 6: :: PM :: Maureen Dress in Purple MESH (09)

Photo 7: :: PM :: Mellie Dress in Purple [MESH] (10)

Nails: A:S:S - Nail appliers - Free naturals (for SLINK & Belleza)  $0L Marketplace

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Chanell Milk 04 CL
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual

Hair: Magika [01] Meadow (not free)

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