Sunday, April 12, 2015

Somnia at Free Dove

Hiya everyone! Yesterday I showed you some goodies from Sn@tch, the hunt at Free Dove, and today's post will show one of their other monthly hunts there, Somnia. Their main stores are on the same sim so it doesn't surprise me to see them both taking part in Free Dove's April hunts, and since I enjoy both designers so much, it makes it even more fun to share these freebies. You are looking at Free Dove for 10 purple bags, fairly small so look well and check behind things :)

First we have a very cute dress called Champagne, in the color wine, which I found amusing but lovely. You know by now I love bows, too. This is the prize in bag #1.

I wasn't sure if this is intended to be a very short dress or a long shirt, but either way I like it! Based on a different prize I'll show you shortly, I think it is a shirt and my inclination would be to wear it with a system layer pair of shorts or capris. This is Athytia in lime, and can be found in bag #2.

Here's a cute pairing, the shirt here is Lumber Patch in lavender and is the prize from bag #3. I think it goes really well with the prize from bag #4, Moochie Jeans in black/white. The design on the jeans is only down the left leg, really cute hearts if you can't tell for sure from the photo. I think these are great casual wardrobe additions, nice and versatile.

I skipped ahead to show you the goodies from bag #7 as my final photo, since this appears to be a different texturing of the prize from #2 (now we know it's meant as a shirt for sure) but with that heart adorning it. These are the Heart Patch shirt, leggings, and leg bows (prims) in pink/blue and are all included in that one bag. The leggings are system layers, which works nicely with the mesh shirt. I find if I try to use too many mesh parts, they don't always play nicely together like mesh jeans and a longer mesh shirt will conflict. So this is a simple solution.

I've had a lot of fun showing some of the treasures from the Free Dove hunts, and I hope you get a chance to visit them and see what freebies await you. In general they have clothing for men and women, jewelry, shoes, just a wide variety of useful and nice quality items. As for me, I can barely believe the weekend is just about over already, but I enjoyed mine and I hope you all did too. Hugs!!

All Prizes from the Free Dove Hunt: Somnia $0L Each:
Photo 1: .: Somnia :. Gift #1 of 10 .: Somnia :. Champagne {Wine}
Photo 2: .: Somnia :. Gift #2 of 10 .: Somnia :. Athytia {Lime}
Photo 3: .: Somnia :. Gift #3 of 10 .: Somnia :. Lumber Patch {Lavender} shirt
Pants: .: Somnia :. Gift #4 of 10 .: Somnia :. Moochie Jeans {White/Black} {S}
Photo 4: .: Somnia :. Gift #7 of 10 .: Somnia :. Heart Patch {Pink/Blue} shirt,

Heart Patch Leggings {Blue}, Heart Patch Leg Bow {Blue} Left & Right

Nails: Nail It Good! SB Mesmerized Tipped Nails $0L Midnight Mania Prize
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Lea Milk 04 CL
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Fleur- gingers

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