Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ezmerelda's at Free Dove Hunt

Hiya everyone! I'm running behind tonight which is a shame because I have a LOT to show you from one of the June hunts at The Free Dove. I've blogged other of their monthly hunts in the past, tonight's blog is the designer Ezmerelda's or Ez's for short. There are 8 tiny hearts scattered around Free Dove, so if you look all around and are very lucky, you can find lots of really wonderful prizes. Here's a peek at some, very picture-heavy post coming!

This is a combination of two prizes, the nails and the shoes...the shoes are Fishnet Heels and are found in prize #1, and those bloody teeth in the platform opening were quite a surprise! Maybe the fishnet caught a piranha? The nails are from heart #8 and are for Slink only, called Studded Princess. There are several colors in that quilted pattern and then each color with a crown on it, which would be great for an accent nail. You'll see those nails again in these photos.

You'll need to click this one to see it full size, because it's just too wide to fit the screen well, but you need to see the amazing details on these shoes! This is prize #7 and they are called Skull Candie, they are for Slink high and have a really thorough HUD to change the texture of the shoe and the zipper to mix and match to your heart's desire :) As a matter of fact, I screencapped the HUD so you can see....
Isn't that great? And this fantastic shoe is free!! I will be pairing them with everything from shorts to jeans to skirts of all kinds, just having a ball playing with that HUD :)

Next we have a collection of earrings to mix and match, these are found in heart #4 and are called :Ez's:{Earrings: Lock-N-Key}. There are 4 'skeletons' for the right ear, and 4 locks for the left ear. In the above photo, on the left I am wearing Heart Skeleton R and Heart Lock L, on the right that is the Club Skeleton R and the Star Lock L. Nor shown but just as fun are the Circle and Oval skeletons, and Round and Square locks. Find your own unique favorite combo!

This is another wide photo you'll want to click to see in its full glory...hehe...prize #6 contains eyeshadows called {Party Girl}, the samples I'm showing are left to right: Green-Mix, YBlue-Mix, and Pink-Mix. Not shown are Orange-Mix and Yellow-Mix. I'm loving the playful extended cat eye liner as well as the bright colors.

Heart #3 has ten different beauty marks for you, I'm only showing 3 of them because if I put them on all at once it would have looked more like freckles :) Under my right eye is #1, under the left eye is #2, and the one on my chin is #10. Try them all out, see what suits you, there's even a Marilyn Monroe style above the lip in one of them. They're really well done, they almost look like prims or mesh with depth to them.

Finally we head south to my belly :) These gorgeous roses adorning prize #2 Ez's Rose Belly Chain are just stunning, and while this is the dull yellow version there is also a full bright chain inside as well.

Hair notes, well the first time you see my hair is photo 3 with the earrings, that is from the ploom retirement sale in April I believe it was, for their rebranding to Due. If it's still available at the main store, it would be back to full price as the sale is over. The other photos where you actually see my hair, that would be Truth's Felicity, also full price. I had to change because I couldn't find one that showed both ears AND both eyes. Being a hair addict, it didn't bother me to change :)

Well, I can't believe how late I am compared to usual with this wasn't because of the number of pictures, I didn't even get home until almost 2 hours after I usually start editing the photos and writing the blog. Helping family comes first :) All is well, but tomorrow might be late also. Magpie hugs to all!!

All Prizes from The Free Dove Hunt: Ezmerelda's:
Photo 1:
Shoes: :Ez's: Fishnet Heels {Slink-H}  $0L Prize #1

Nails: :Ez's: {SLink 2-N-1 HUD}{Studded Princess}{F&T}  $0L Prize #8

Photo 2 (and HUD screenshot):

Shoes: :Ez's: Skull Candie {Slink Heels}{Pair}Black Sole  $0L Prize #7

Photo 3:

Earrings: :Ez's:{Earrings: Lock-N-Key}  $0L Prize #4

Photo 4:

Eyeshadows: :Ez's: Eyeshadow: {Party Girl} in Green-Mix, YBlue-Mix, Pink-Mix  $0L Prize #6

Photo 5: :Ez's: Beauty Marks (10 total, 3 shown)  $0L Prize #3

Photo 6: :Ez's: Rose Belly Chain{Yellow}{Dull} full bright also included  $0L Prize #2

Hair photo 3: .ploom. Celeste - Reds
Hair photo 4 & 5: TRUTH HAIR Felicity - gingers
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Melissa Tan Cleavage
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual

Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

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