Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Hunting Fun

Hiya everyone! A clever little hunt has just started, the Get To Know Us Hunt, and it's described on their site as a small hunt among friends from Greek creators. The hunt object you're looking for is a toilet paper roll, and there is a separate page for each store that tells you how many prizes, gives you hints, and even shows you pictures of what you'll find in them :) Most but not all are free, it tells you that part too. Tonight I'll be showing you the prizes from VIPs Creations, and I'll offer the hunting advice of looking behind signs.

First we have prize #1, both the unisex glasses and the lipstick I'm wearing here. One nice thing about these prizes, each of the 5 contains a male gift and a female gift or in this case, unisex and female. Men are definitely not left out :)

Prize #2 contains angel costumes for each, and you can see from my photo that there are a slew of components to this one! The female one is called Fighter Angel which explains the swords, these are the Gothic swords and there are another pair included but not shown. Also shown are an eye piercing, lip piercing, halo, wings, top and underwear, upper arm wings (those pretty feathers) and prim flexi skirt. Not shown includes boots with fur tops, a facelight, skirt light, bra, undies (pretty much a thong), and white stockings but no appliers for my feet so I opted out of showing them. The halo is quite glowy, and the lip piercing is blingy, so I was probably lighting up half the sim ;) I stood in front of the window for this photo to demonstrate that I had no issues with transparency clashing with anything.

Prize #3 has this knockout of an outfit for the ladies called Pal Silk. I love the texture! It includes not only the mesh dress in standard sizes, but the necklace, bracelets, a ring (not visible in either pose) and the clutch I'm holding on the right which includes the pose I'm in on the right. Now it also includes 2 pairs of shoes, but they have those feet you have to tint yourself and I am really lousy at that. The men's prize includes a mesh button-down long sleeve shirt that looks to be a similar blue to one of the shades in our dress, along with jeans and sneakers.

How would you like a nice trio of brightly colored dresses? :) Look no further than prize #4 then, because it contains the three silky, dotty strapless gowns above, each in all standard mesh sizes, plus the earrings and necklace shown. They are very generous about including accessories with most of their clothing, so you can get dressed simply and easily. The male prize offers quite a bit of variety as well, 4 color shirts and 4 color jeans plus sneakers and a fedora among other goodies.

Our final glimpse of the night is at prize #5, an LBD (little black dress) with subtle layering on the skirt, and matching shoes because, well, SHOES! ;) These are the Slink compatible shoes, there are also non-slink with the feet that need tinting included. You'll also find the lovely matching necklace in the box, as accessories are a good thing.

Nail note of the night: I picked up the new June group gift at Nail Me!, and it's a beautiful set of three manicures called Bubbles. The group is free to join, and there are a few previous gifts still available. Each nail has one blue side and one another color, with bubbles down the center, really pretty.

Somehow I'm running a bit late again tonight, just when I thought life had settled down a bit, LOL. It always keeps ya guessing, that's for sure. I've got plenty of goodies from the next store of this hunt to share tomorrow, I have to admit I haven't even unpacked them yet though :) Well I hope you've all had a nice Sunday, lots of magpie hugs to all!!

All Prizes from the Get To Know Us Hunt, VIPs Creations:
Photo 1:
Glasses/Lipstick: Unisex Glasses&Female Tattoo Lips - 4 July  $0L Prize #1

Photo 2:
Outfit: Female Angel Costume - Fighter Angel  $0L Prize #2

Photo 3:
Outfit: Female Mesh Outfit - Pal Silk  $0L Prize #3

Photo 4:
Dresses: Female Dress - Cherche la femme-FlowerDots (GreenDots, MauveDots, OrangeDots) $0L Prize #4

Photo 5:
Dress: Female Mesh Dress - (Ranta) Black Satin  $0L Prize #5

Nails: {Nail Me!} Bubbles  $0L Group Gift (Free to Join)

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Felicity - gingers
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Melissa Tan Cleavage
Lips: [:T:] Parted lips {free from TULI skins} Parted lips 1  $0L Marketplace
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

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