Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Free Dove Hunt Dulce Secrets

Hiya everyone! I have some exciting treats planned for the next few days, as I visited the Free Dove and found all 10 stars from the Dulce Secrets mini hunt there. They are calling it the Star Spangled Summer Hunt, so I'm sure you can guess to expect lots of red white and blue :) Their prizes consist of a mesh skirt set, a shape, an exclusive skin in 5 different skin tones, shoes for flat slink feet, a nails HUD, and a set of mesh eyelashes. Lots of photos, so let's get started!

First of all, I had to share this comparison of the prize shape (which is in star #001) and my own personal shape, which is downright hilarious! I used a height detector and found their shape to be 7'10" compared to my 6'7", it looks even more dramatic than that somehow. A side note, isn't it amazing how the mesh skirt easily accommodates that difference though? Just try to imagine finding a flexi skirt that fits both of those shapes without spending all night editing it. The outfit is prize #002, comes in standard mesh sizes for the skirt, top, and top add-on, and a HUD to change colors/patterns among 2 red and 2 blue styles. The skin is the Lyberty prize in Barley, the shade found in star #005.

Please consider this photo 1A for credit purposes and not #2, as it is simply a closer view of a comparison of the faces on each shape. The prize shape is on the left, my own personal shape on the right. The note in each prize says the shape is no modify because it was made specifically for the makeup of this exclusive skin. The size of the head looks much larger, longer than my own, that and the mouth size are the main differences I noticed.

This is another lovely skin tone, Kamut, which can be found in the star #006 and is a deep exotic tan that like all the skins, comes with matching Slink and Omega appliers.

I thought you'd enjoy a view from behind to see the back of the ensemble, and yes I have been playing with the HUD for it in each photo to show off various combos possible. The skin tone shown here is Millet found in prize #007.

Here we have the beautiful skin tone called Soy, which is found in star #008.

Star #009 will provide you with this attractive skin tone called Spelt, and like all the others it does include Slink and Omega HUDs so you can tint your mesh parts perfectly.

I snuck in a 6th photo tonight, which I don't usually do, but these eyelashes were too fun not to share! I did not edit the mesh eyelashes first which is why they aren't quite wide enough for my eye shape, but when I have the time I will edit them (I get frazzled having to copy then edit linked parts and separate them and all that jazz if in a hurry) but they are clearly well worth the bit of effort! They come with a HUD with the 4 variations shown, and they go quite well with the makeup on this skin.

I am running very late tonight, but all is well and I'm just having a busy night in first life ;) I hope you are all having a terrific day/evening, and magical magpie hugs to each of you!!

All Prizes from the Free Dove Hunt: Dulce Secrets:

Photo 1:
Shape: ::DS:: Lyberty Shape  $0L Prize #001
Outfit: ::DS:: Aludra Outfit  $0L Prize #002
Shoes: ::DS:: Beach Sun Cord for Slink Flat Feet  $0L Prize #003
Skin: ::DS:: Lyberty.Barley.Unfurled (N)  $0L Prize #005

Photo 2:
Skin: ::DS:: Lyberty.Kamut.Unfurled (N)  $0L Prize #006

Photo 3:
Skin: ::DS:: Lyberty.Millet.Unfurled (N)  $0L Prize #007

Photo 4:
Skin: ::DS:: Lyberty.Soy.Unfurled (N)  $0L Prize #008

Photo 5:
Skin: ::DS:: Lyberty.Spelt.Unfurled (N)  $0L Prize #009

Photo 6:
Lashes: ::DS:: Mesh Eyelash & 4th of July Dipped Tip Lashes HUD  $0L Prize #004

Nails: ::DS:: Star Spangled Slink Nail HUD  $0L Prize #010

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Trinity - gingers  ($50L Discount room)
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Flat

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