Saturday, July 25, 2015

Picnic Day Hunt Prizes

Hiya everyone! One of the things I appreciate most about SL is the international nature that gives us the opportunity to learn about cultures and traditions we would probably never get a chance to see in person. I had never heard of Picnic Day, but the hunt blog I visit explained the background of being a holiday in the Northern Territory of Australia to celebrate the freeing of indentured laborers. So for the Picnic Day Hunt, you are looking for an ant (I have all sorts of bug phobias so not my favorite choice LOL) and they are $0-5L at the discretion of the merchant. I am sharing the freebies, which fortunately were most of them, so prepare to see a ton of cute free hats!!

These are both prizes found at store #1, Xen's Hats, and as you can see there is one for the ladies and one for the gents. The visor is such a pretty shade of lilac, and the fedora is classy and sexy.

Here are two angles of the prize from Stone's Works #2, the Jagerhut hunter's hat. I quite like the jaunty feather, and it is resizable so you can fit it for any avatar.

These delightful floral accented hats are varied yet similar, so an interesting combination. First we have the prize from #3 Crazy Pastry Designs, and I love the colors of the flowers. The middle image, that is a LOT of hat! Say hello to Sakura in Gold from Ladies Pleasure, #6 in the hunt. The hat on the right is from EBDesign #11, and is called Picnic Boater straw rose flowers. It attached to my right hand when I first tried it on, so I reattached it to my chin and edited it to get it where it is. The band adds such a sweet touch along with those flowers!

Plenty of sunny colors here and wide variety of styles. On the left we have a headpiece from Grumble, which makes me think some sort of nature goddess, but it is called GG Barbed Headband - Yellow and is prize #12. In the middle, yes I am still hiding under there hehe, it's prize #13 from AlaFolie called Chapeau BERGERA rigged and also includes no rigged version. On the right we have a very lovely summer hat from Chimeric Fashions, who usually create intricate masks but are treating us with this delicate hat.

A whimsical trio of hats to round off the post, we have first the Picnic Day Hat with ants from Hatter 'n Hell (#18), which you may be glad to hear also comes with a version without ants. The middle hat is a tall one, "Picnic Time" Niche Top Hat from the Mad Hattery who are #17 in the hunt. It seems even hiding food inside your hat cannot stop those hungry ants. On the right, wow those cupcakes look yummy, and HATOLOGY has decorated their prize with ladybugs instead of ants for a really cute touch. They are #8 in the hunt. I love the gingham for each hat, as it does bring to mind picnics for me.

Whew, that sure was a lot of hats! I decided to go with a simple sundress from the marketplace to work with the wide variety of hats whether casual or formal, and not to distract from the hats. I needed a hair that didn't have a lot of height in the crown, so this Truth Hair called Fleur fit the bill nicely. This post was a fun change of pace, as was the hunt itself, so I hope you enjoy. I also hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend so far, magical magpie hugs to each of you!!

All Prizes from the Picnic Day Hunt:

Photo 1:
Left: Xen's Hats XH LeFlore Visor Lilac (Mesh)  $0L Prize #1
Right:  XH Bali Fedora Blue Band (Mesh)  $0L Prize #1

Photo 2:

Hat: Stone's Works Jagerhut (Hunters Hat) $0L Prize #2

Photo 3:

Left: Crazy Pastry Designs Picnic Day Hat Hunt Gift  $0L #3
Middle: Ladies Pleasure ~LP~ Sakura Hat - Gold  $0L Prize #6
Right: EBDesign Picnic Boater straw rose pink flowers  $0L Prize #11

Photo 4:

Left: Grumble GG Barbed Headband-Yellow  $0L Prize #12
Middle: AlaFolie: Chapeau BERGERA rigged (also no rigged)  $0L Prize #13
Right: ~Chimeric Fashions~ Summer Hat  $0L Prize #14

Photo 5:

Left: Hatter 'n Hell Picnic Day Hat with ants (also without)  $0L Prize #18
Middle: The Mad Hattery "Picnic Time" Niche Top Hat  $0L Prize #17
Right: Picnic Hunt HATOLOGY (resize)  $0L Prize #8

Dress: *ILLUSIVE* Lauren Maxi Dress with Hud  $0L Marketplace

Nails: Glaze Condessa White Slink Nail Gift  $0L Group Gift (Free to Join)

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Fleur - gingers
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Kesia Group Gift May CL
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

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