Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hair Fair Gifties!

Hiya everyone! I finally lagged my way into the Hair Fair, hehe, and since it is their 10th anniversary celebration, every vendor has a free gift set out for us to enjoy. So it was well worth the crowd and the lag! You have until the 26th to get there, so things may settle down a tiny bit eventually. I want to go back and make a donation at one of the kiosks, as this wonderful charity event raises money for Wigs For Kids each year as you can see on the Hair Fair website. Since the fair covers 4 sims, I am focusing on one at a time, so tonight you will be seeing gifts from the Blonde Sim.

One terrific thing is that the designers aren't limited to the gifts being specifically hair, so the dress you see here is the gift from Decoy called Cosima Dress- Pink Lemonade. My hair is an adorable style from Cheveux and has a built in resize script. I chose a side view pose so you could see the cute ponytail wrapped in a braid, and that pretty color.

This awesome hair is a very generous gift from Analog Dog, in a bevy of colors and HUDs for each with fades and solid colors. There are 3 different styles of bangs, or you can wear without for a fourth look. The colors included are: blacks, dark blondes, dark browns, dark reds, light blondes, light browns, light reds (one shown), and splash.

The previous style put me in mind of Ariana Grande's hair, this one reminds me of Lorde, so apparently I have pop music on my mind which is odd since I'm more of a classic rock girl ;) This sexy tumble of curls is the gift from Damselfly and is called Livley, with a Mixed HUD for 25 color choices including some fun fades like the one shown. Fantastic!

I changed dresses to show you the gift from ISON, which based on the name seems to be just for the hair fair so if you like it, be sure to get it there :) There is a HUD with 3 texture choices, which you will see in the next photos as well. I am enjoying one of the many colors of the Murray hair gift, Catherine in the complete pack, so that includes 5 shades each of black, dark blonde, dark brown, light blonde, light brown, platinum, and red. The red 03 is shown, and the style is as striking as the color. The sunglasses are yet another gift from the Hair Fair, they are from Lelutka and are named Glare Sunglasses. I thought they looked very elegant with this hair style.

Little Bones has a wonderful gift out for us to enjoy, this is called Pogo and comes with the Duo Tone color HUD so you can pick from 10 choices of color combos including the two shown. Some have roots like on the left, while others are completely split in color from root to tip like on the right. Either way they are stunning! This comes in sizes L, L+, S, and S+, so one of those sizes will hopefully suit you just right.

Here you get to see a third HUD choice from my dress, and three randomly chosen hairstyles from the really fun gift from Curious Kitties! They packed in about a dozen hairstyles and several HUDs so you can play around and see what does what. I am showing from left to right: Lemoria V3, Cherry Bob V3, and Cyaolick V3. That last one, when I first tried it on all I could think was, "WHOA, I'm Rainbow Dash!!!" :)

Nail note of the night is simple, as I elected to stick with the newest group gift from Hello Dave that I blogged yesterday. Same skin as yesterday too, easy peasy. The lag at the Hair Fair really did a number on my somewhat moody computer, hehe, so I focused on the gifts and am hoping to let them shine.

What a day, there was a local classic & antique car show that my family was interested in, so I got to visit a farmer's market and see some amazing vehicles from at least 6 different decades, really remarkable the dedication that goes into keeping those beauties running! It was at a very popular park for dog walking, so I got to see so many precious pooches roaming around enjoying the sunny day, that made it well worth the time out in the heat. I hope everyone has had a lovely day/evening, and magpie hugs to all of you!!

All Gifts from The Hair Fair Blonde Sim:

Photo 1:
Dress: [Decoy] Cosima Dress - Pink Lemonade  $0L Hair Fair Gift
Hair: .:CHEVEUX:.HairFair2015 GIFT $0L Hair Fair Gift

Photo 2:
Hair: Analog Dog - AD - Bangers  $0L Hair Fair Gift

Photo 3:
Hair: Damselfly womens free gift Livley  $0L Hair Fair Gift

Photo 4:
Dress: ISON - t-belt shirt dress (floral hair fair edition)  $0L Hair Fair Gift
Sunglasses: .Lelutka.Glare Sunglasses Solid (also in Sheer)  $0L Hair Fair Gift
Hair: MURRAY- Catherine Hairstyle / Complete Pack  $0L Hair Fair Gift

Photo 5:
Hair: little bones. Pogo  $0L Hair Fair Gift

Photo 6:

Hair: Curious Kitties Free Gift  $0L Hair Fair Gift

Nails: Hello Dave VIPs - Natural French  $0L Group Gift (Group $150 to Join)
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Mabelie  $0L Body Art Hunt Prize
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female

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