Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer-fy Your Body Hunt

Hiya everyone! You can guess from the title what to expect in this post, as the magpie in me has been in search not of shiny things but little palm trees as the hunt object for the Summer-fy Your Body Hunt. Now you may notice the URL for their blog and that they are part of the Apply Your Body hunts, and you may recall that I do not have any mesh bodies, so why would I be interested in this hunt? :) One good reason is that I do have Slink hands and feet so the nail appliers are greatly appreciated, but another reason was the hunch that they would offer system layer clothing along with the matching appliers. Fortunately I was right in that guess, and that means I get to blog them for all of you who have mesh bodies as well as those who do not. My blog is meant for everyone, we all deserve to find things in SL with which to treat ourselves!

I am back at my pool at my rental home in the sky, and this tempting purple outfit is our prize from #01 Facepalm. The teeny bikini top and shorts come in system layers along with appliers for Maitreya, Omega, Slink, and TMP which sounds like a nice variety to me.

Next we have a dazzling top and some really low riding shorts as our prize from Anny Dream, who are #04 in the hunt. This colorful set is called Kate and along with the system layers shown, you will receive appliers for Lena Body, Slink Physique, and WowMeh for your mesh needs.

Since this outfit just screamed pinup to me, I had to find a pose that let me recline against my stairs :) The store (#05) is called F*CK OFF and is on the same sim as #04 so that makes hunting for both easier, and the outfit is called Emilia. In addition to the system layers you see here, the generous prize includes appliers for Lena Body, Slink Physique, and WowMeh. Also included are the sunglasses I'm wearing, the adorable hair bow, and the shoes which are for Slink MID feet. I do love my MIDs :)

This is such a flattering bathing suit, how exciting that it comes in three different colors! Have a look (or three) at the generous prize from Nomiki's Creations, #09 in our hunt, and behold the wonder that is the monokini :) You will receive not only the system layers shown in black, purple, and red, but the appliers for Omega and Maitreya so it will be just as sexy on your favorite mesh body as well.

Our last magpie treasure for the evening is a terrific bikini in aqua, from #10 Firelight Creations, who very thoughtfully added the matching nails I'm showing in Slink and Belleza nail HUDs. The bikini is called Cora in Turquoise Hibiscus, and besides the system layers shown you'll also find the appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Lolas, and Slink. As a bonus that might have been an accident, hehe, there is also another Slink nail HUD in there called Golden Thanksgiving :)

Nail note of the night: in the first 4 photos I am wearing the prize from Hello Dave, #03 in the hunt, and it is simply named Summer-fy. There is a photo of it on the hunt blog, and it has some beautiful designs in hot pink or orange. You already know I'm a big fan of their nails :)

It's hard to believe the weekend is over already, but I hope you all had a beautiful one! I'm not sure yet what the week will hold for me, but I am eager to find out. Magical magpie hugs to each of you!!

All Prizes from the Summer-fy Your Body Hunt:

Photo 1:

Outfit: +Facepalm+ Summer  $0L Prize #01

Photo 2:

Outfit: Anny Dream [A.Y.B.H.] Kate  $0L Prize #04

Photo 3:

Outfit: F*CK OFF: [A.Y.B.H.] Emilia  $0L Prize #05

Photo 4:

Bathing Suits: Nomiki's Creations Flowing Monokinis  $0L Prize #09

Photo 5:

Bikini/Nails: Firelight Creations {FC} Cora Bikini-Turquoise Hibiscus  $0L Prize #10

Nails Photos 1-4: Hello Dave - Slink AvEnhance - Summer-fy  $0L Prize #03

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Mabelie  $0L Body Art Hunt Prize

Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Essena - variety  $0L Subscriber Gift
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid

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