Sunday, July 26, 2015

Grand Opening Hunt Goodies

Hiya everyone! As a group member of -{ZOZ}- for their impressive Slink nails, I read their group notice yesterday about a grand opening of ZOZDOM, a Noir City catering to the D/s lifestyle, and an accompanying hunt. I personally have never explored the D/s lifestyle (but absolutely do not judge) but the word "hunt" will always get my attention in SL :) I am verified and able to go to adult sims, so I went to their beautifully crafted, elegant location where I wandered for quite a while, looking for small dark grey gift boxes. There is a dance floor and stage with larger group-only boxes that is NOT what you want, these are up the hill where the buildings are, some inside stores and some in the surrounding area. There are 7 gifts from ZOZ and 4 from NSP Florals, so 11 little gift boxes in total to track down. You can check their blog for more details. Would you like to sneak a peek at what I found?

First we have a gorgeous ring, Third Eye Chakra, on my right hand but also included is one for the left. I am wearing just one of the 12 beautiful nail colors included in a different prize, the Glitter Kiss Slink HUD. The shimmery shades are vibrant and have that beautiful gloss to them that I've always admired about ZOZ nails.

If the mention of Chakras got your attention, you are certainly in luck with the next nail HUD as it features all 7 Chakra symbols so you can choose the one most meaningful to you or mix them up as I have done here. I admit my knowledge is limited but I have a friend who has studied them as part of her yoga studies. I hope you notice the beautiful tips too, what a wonderful way to accentuate the beauty of the chakras. This HUD is specifically for Slink nails by the way.

This gift (none of them were numbered so I can't really differentiate) includes a lovely nail style called All My Love, which matches the included Ruby Heart rings perfectly. Maitreya and Slink versions are included for the nails and the rings, so you can show either type of hands some love :)

These lustrous nails really catch the eye, both for the mirror-like tips and the card suits symbols upon them. This gift is the Savvy Playing Cards Polish HUD for Slink, and has 12 different choices of design. Whether you're feeling like a joker or the ace of hearts, there is bound to be something to appeal to you. (Yay me for resisting the pun of something to 'suit'  your tastes!)

While all of the previous prizes shown were from ZOZ, this photo will give you a look at all 4 prizes in the packages from NSP Florals, which are the various colors of boutonnieres. They are traditionally worn by men, and a similar floral arrangement for women would be the corsage I suppose, but some traditions are meant to be changed and I just might wear them with a matching dress if I want to. Such defined, restrictive gender roles are so last century ;) In the main image I am wearing NSP Calla & Orchid boutonniere in burnt orange, then the insets from top to bottom are the same style in dusty pink, ghost green, and white & lavender. I love that they aren't merely recolors, but that dusty pink orchid has a very different texture with spots on it for example, they are each unique and lovely.

Instead of a nail note of the night, since they were the focus for most of the blog, I have a clothing note of the night :) My brightly colored dress is a lucky board prize from Entice, called Drunk in Love - Light 3. This fun style must come in a wide variety of colors and patterns based on the name. Standard mesh sizes are enclosed, and I'm loving the little ties at the hem on each side.

I sure hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend, refreshed and ready to start the new week. I had a good one for the most part, and I'm ready to see what this week brings. Magical magpie hugs to each of you!!

All Prizes from the ZOZDOM Grand Opening Hunt:

Photo 1:
Nails: -{ZOZ}- Polish Glitter Kiss - Slink Fingernails  $0L ZOZDOM Grand Opening Hunt Prize

Ring: -{ZOZ}- Third Eye Chakra Ring R (L also included)  $0L ZOZDOM Grand Opening Hunt Prize

Photo 2:

Nails: -{ZOZ}- Chakras Polish (slink) Fingernail Hud  $0L ZOZDOM Grand Opening Hunt Prize

Photo 3:
Nails: -{ZOZ}- All My Love - Solo Polish (Slink and Maitreya included) $0L ZOZDOM Grand Opening Hunt Prize
Rings: -{ZOZ}- Ruby Heart Ring L & R Slink (L & R Maitreya also included) $0L ZOZDOM Grand Opening Hunt Prize

Photo 4:
Nails: -{ZOZ}- Savvy Playing Cards Polish - (Slink) Fingernail Hud  $0L ZOZDOM Grand Opening Hunt Prize

Photo 5:

Boutonnieres: NSP Calla & Orchid boutonniere - burnt orange, dusty pink, ghost green, white & lavender  $0L ZOZDOM Grand Opening Hunt Prize

Dress: Entice - Drunk In Love - Light 3  $0L Lucky Board Prize

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Fleur - gingers
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. V2 Kendra GG APRIL CL Tan
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

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