Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Relaxing With Some Freebies

Hiya everyone! How is your evening going? I have some freebies and a dollarbie or two that I am pleased to share :)

Looks like you caught me stretching while I check on my PlantPets, and since it's been a long day I am lounging in a comfy shorts set from Kitty Shape Wears. We Are Siamese Loungers is a $1L prize from the Cats Hunt, which is ending in a few days so be sure to hurry if you'd like one too. That prize includes a t-shirt for the men with the same cute cats on it. I am also wearing one of the nail designs from La Boheme for the same hunt, so another $1L will get you two different sets of cat-themed nails there. These are called LB Cheshire and have black lace cat faces laid atop a French manicure.

Let's have a peek out the window...looks like a good night for some indoor pursuits. I am wearing two different lucky board prizes from blah.BLAH.blah, the Anna Half Cami top which comes in 3 variations, and the Elise Button Skirt which comes with a HUD to change color and buttons. There are 9 colors and 2 styles, you can see on the left there are only 4 buttons but on the right there are 8 in that front panel. Both are such cute styles!

I decided to head out onto the balcony, and since it isn't too hot out here I get to show you a bright and cheery dress from the Midnight Mania board at Dumb Blond. This is their Hanky Dress in Pink Sunrise, and that color can brighten any evening. It's such a fun, flowy casual style.

I must admit that this outfit confuses me a bit...it is a marketplace freebie called dungarees in the listing, but Racer back Romper in the folder. It almost looks like loose harem pants instead of a skirt, but the legs do seem to be connected after all. The sequin texture is certainly fun, and the rear view shows that the armholes are quite low so can provide an unexpected glimpse of skin :) If not for the dressy pattern, I'd say it is a great style for lounging around.

It truly has been a long day, but not a bad one, and I am always happy to be here sharing goodies from all around the grid with you. I hope you're all having a terrific day/evening, and sending magical magpie hugs to each of you!!


Photo 1:

Outfit: Kitty Shape Wears ::KSW:: We Are Siamese Loungers  $1 Cat Hunt Prize #9
Nails: [LB Cheshire] *Slink* Manicure  $1L Cat Hunt Prize #17

Photo 2:

Top: blah.BLAH.blah*MESH*Anna  Half Cami Top  $0L Lucky Board Prize
Skirt: blah.BLAH.blah*MESH* Elise Button Skirt  $0L Lucky Board Prize
Nails: [LB Cheshire] *Slink* Manicure  $1L Cat Hunt Prize #17

Photo 3:

Dress: Dumb Blond [DB] HANKY DRESS PINK SUNRISE  $0L Midnight Mania Prize
Nails: [LB Roar] *Slink* Manicure  $1L Cat Hunt Prize #17

Photo 4:

Outfit: Mesh Racer back Romper  $0L Marketplace Freebie
Nails: [LB Roar] *Slink* Manicure  $1L Cat Hunt Prize #17

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Ami - Gingers at ~uber~
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. V2 Kendra GG APRIL CL Tan
Lips: [:T:] Parted lips {free from TULI skins} Parted lips 1  $0L Marketplace
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual

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