Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hair Fair Gifts- Redhead Sim

Hiya everyone! There is a week remaining to enjoy the Hair Fair, both by making purchases that benefit the Wigs for Kids charity, and by scooping up some really wonderful 10th anniversary gifts from each designer. I have been showing a few of the gifts from one sim each night, so tonight we have some treats from the Redhead sim. Remember, their blog is a very helpful resource with maps and SLurls so you know where to find your favorite vendor. So let's take a look at some gifts, shall we? :)

First we have the gift from MaiOwn! called Angel, which comes in small and large, with a busty version of each, and it is a fatpack so you receive HUDs for Blacks, Blondes, Browns, Ombres, Ondines, Pastels, and Russets. I am showing a russet on the left and an ondine on the right. The braids are so fun, and I love the rebellious curl escaping on the side after being held by that barrette.

Another wonderful gift is this stunner from Moon, called Tangerine in Brunettes, coming in a Lola T size as well as the regular shown. Their HUD is quite fun as well as thorough, with a first page of 12 colors then 12 roots options. Click the right arrow up top and you'll hear a magical tinkling sound, and be taking to the sparkling brunettes page with 12 shades like I'm showing on the right above, small flecks of lighter color that give your hair a shimmery quality. Hit that arrow again and the third page has streak/highlight options, as I'm showing on the left. That is definitely a sizable streak rather than highlights! The style itself is fantastic, so I am a huge fan of this gift.

I have read plenty of times that grey hair is trendy, so if you'd like to give it a try in SL this gift is a perfect way. This is called Selenia and is our gift from MINA, which includes a HUD with 5 shades of grey to choose from. They range from nearly black to nearly white, but I'm showing you one in the middle.

These fun gifts from Oleander will make you smile and perhaps even feel like purring...we have a charming hairstyle named Larkin with a HUD of dipped tones, and our other gift is the adorable Glitter Kitty Nose which I am showing in black but also comes in pink or gold. Those are system tattoo layers. Who can resist that sweet little heart on the tip of the nose, and delicate whiskers? 

This shoulder-length shag is our gift from +elua+ and puts me in mind of an 80s style but definitely with a modern feel to it. You will receive both colors shown, the hard part is deciding between them!

Something about this style makes me think I either just got home from the beach, or just got out of bed, but certainly has a playful vibe. This gift is from [DUE] and is called Karin in Browns. You will have 6 colors to choose from once you attach the HUD included.

My dress note of the night is that since there was no clothing in the Redhead sim gifts, I went with a lucky board prize from Entice. This flirty mesh dress is called It's In The Rain in blue, and I love the pattern and especially that gorgeous brooch design that is part of the texture of the top. This has been my 4th post in a row from the Hair Fair, and I did cover each sim so this one concludes my coverage of it. Tomorrow I will be sharing some free hunt gifts :) I'm already looking forward to it, but I have truly enjoyed all this hair as well and expect some of the gifts to make appearances again in future posts.

It has been a good weekend here, but I am a bit tired, so I will wrap this up with wishes for a fantastic day/evening to all of you, and magpie hugs all around!!

All Gifts from The Hair Fair Redhead Sim:

Photo 1:
Hair: MaiOwn! Angel - Fatpack  $0L Hair Fair Gift

Photo 2:
Hair: Moon. Hair // - Brunettes - Tangerine  $0L Hair Fair Gift

Photo 3:
Hair: MINA - Selenia - Grey  $0L Hair Fair Gift

Photo 4:
Hair: !Oleander ~ Larkin. Dipped Tones  $0L Hair Fair Gift
Makeup: !Oleander ~ Glitter Kitty Nose [Black] (also in Gold and Pink)  $0L Hair Fair Gift

Photo 5:
Hair: +elua+ Sephora Exclusive1 and Exclusive2  $0L Hair Fair Gift

Photo 6:

Hair: [DUE] Karin - Browns  $0L Hair Fair Gift

Dress: Entice - It's in the Rain  Dress - Blue  $0L Lucky Board Prize

Nails: Hello Dave VIPs - Natural French  $0L Group Gift (Group $150 to Join)
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Mabelie  $0L Body Art Hunt Prize
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

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