Friday, May 29, 2015

Cart Sale Bargains and More

Hiya everyone! I couldn't resist visiting the Heat Wave Cart Sale and checking out the incredible bargains, including items for up to $10L each and an exclusive $50L from each vendor. I also found a couple of freebies, so I hope you'll forgive me for including non-free finds :) I've also got some lovely Midnight Mania prizes to show you, and those are free of course.

You know I love Somnia, and they can usually be counted upon to generously provide a free gift for events they're in, and this is no exception. This clever shirt (Virtual Life University School of Drama in case you can't read it all) is part of the Cart Sale gifty in lime (shown) and wine, and these cute Bebop jeans in black/white. I did a little inset to show you the tiny music notes down the left leg, aren't they cute? Now the manicure is a $10L cart item from Somnia, Summer Fruits, and they have the sweetest designs with much potential for mixing and matching the nails. I'm wearing the watermelon design :)

Here we have an adorable summery Midnight Mania prize, this is from Jinx and is named Amelia. I saw a reminder on another blog that I forgot to pick up the monthly Facebook gift from alaskametro...I've blogged it before I believe, if you 'like' their page on Facebook you can view a special tab on their page with a code to use at their store. The directions are all there, I promise it's easy :) This month's is peach eyeshadows, blush, and nails, and I am wearing one of the eyeshadows and a manicure. If you're interested please don't hesitate or you'll run out of time like I almost did!

Mishmash Fusion also helped bring magic to my Midnight with this gorgeous mania prize, their Teal/Gold Filigree off the shoulder gown. The embroidery is exquisite, and the deep color really makes it pop! I really like the delicate drape of the neckline too.

More midnight mania magic, this is from blah.BLAH.blah and is their Jenna Jumper which comes with a HUD for 10 colors, half are solid and half are patterns. I like cozy one piece outfits for when you're in a hurry, and this is simple but not overly casual. The nails are from the $10L Somnia HUD from the cart sale from photo #1, this time the cherries.

Last but certainly not least, we're back to a Cart Sale item in this adorable tank top from Fairy Freng Clothing. For only $5L, you too can have this dragonfly tank in pink, it's available in another color as well for the same price (I'm so sorry, I am drawing a blank on the other color!) and the dragonfly pattern at the bottom carries over to the back as well. I've paired it with the free jeans in Somnia's gift from the cart sale, since they are versatile and work well with it.

The cart sale runs until June 10th, so you've got plenty of time to get there. It's one of the events I always look forward to, because $10L is just such an amazing value for the things you can find there. While I strive to share as many freebies as possible, I also think sales like this are important to share too because my shopping habits should help boost the SL economy from time to time and support the talented designers who graciously provide the freebies I rave about :)

Well, I wish you all plenty of magic, and magpie hugs all around!!

Photo 1:
Outfit: .: Somnia :. Cart Sale Gifty (Bebop Jeans White/Black & Melodramatic Lime/Wine) $0L Heat Wave Cart Sale Gift
Nails: .: Somnia :. Summer Fruits (Slink, Omega, Belleza HUDs included) $10L Heat Wave Cart Sale

Photo 2:
Dress: Jinx (DD) Amelia - Peachy Plaid  $0L Midnight Mania Prize
Nails/Eyeshadow: alaskametro<3 May Facebook gift  $0L

Photo 3:

Dress: Mishmash Fusion Teal/Gold Filigree Off the shoulder gown  $0L Midnight Mania
Nails: alaskametro<3 May Facebook gift  $0L

Photo 4:

Outfit: blah.BLAH.blah Jenna Jumper - 10 Color Hud  $0L Midnight Mania (Free Group Needed)
Nails: .: Somnia :. Summer Fruits (Slink, Omega, Belleza HUDs included) $10L Heat Wave Cart Sale

Photo 5:

Shirt: Fairy Freng Clothing - Dragonfly! Pink Tank  $5L Heat Wave Cart Sale
Jeans: .: Somnia :. Cart Sale Gifty Bebop Jeans {White/Black} from Photo 1  $0L Heat Wave Cart Sale
Nails: .: Somnia :. Summer Fruits (Slink, Omega, Belleza HUDs included) $10L Heat Wave Cart Sale

TRUTH HAIR Willa (2) - gingers 
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Kate Milk RB CL (New Group Only Lucky Board Prize)
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual

Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

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