Thursday, August 27, 2015

Midweek Magpie Magic

Hiya everyone! We are halfway through the week, and tonight's post is full of variety again. I think tonight's goodies have a more casual overall vibe to them, ranging from urban to playful. I'm not sure what kind of wardrobe mood I'm currently in the most, probably a big part of why diversity in my inventory is essential :)
First we have a sexy leather outfit from Kandee's Fashions, which can be yours for a single linden as their prize for the Fashion Play Hunt. It includes the system layer pants and mesh tank top in standard sizes. I have accessorized it with some beautiful pumps by Karin from a lucky board at the Kokoa Fair Park. It is for Slink Mid feet and comes with optional mesh socks, not shown. I love how the softness of the floral print on the shoes contrasts the leather and buckles of the outfit. My beautiful eye makeup is one of 3 goodies in the free gift from Sn@tch at The Wash Cart Sale, the others being a pair of heart shaped sunglasses and a lipstick tattoo layer. I had to include a closer look so you can see the fun flicked out eyeliner and the smoky aqua liner and shadow.

I kept the pants from the Kandee's Fashions outfit on while showing you this gift from Vicarious Youth at The Wash Cart Sale, one of several items on their cart for $0L. This Open Front Hoodie has a cute panda print on it, and comes in standard mesh sizes for female and male along with child, TD baby and TD kid. I think I need a separate folder just for winter cuteness.

The Kokoa Park Fair I mentioned earlier for those pretty shoes has other lucky boards around as well, but for this adorable dress you don't even need to get lucky. Le Muguet has this labeled as a demo gift, so you can get this sweet summer dress in macaroon for $0L :) I have included a closer look of the tasty looking macaroons on the hem, along with the pretty lace edging.

My fondness for Midnight Manias comes into play here again, hehe, as I show you the latest from Rowena Springflower. This charming dress is named Mandy, and comes with a HUD to change among 5 color options, two of which are shown above. That silky look with the lace trim is a real stunner! Don't forget, there are lucky boards and mini manias right there along with the midnight mania boards, so plenty of opportunities to win treats.

Nail note of the night: I am happily sporting again one of the nail bargains from La Boheme that I shared with you last night as well, their $10L Persian Lace Gold that can be found at the Wash Cart Sale along with several others at that same low price. I will be showing more goodies from there I'm sure, as I can't resist such afforable treasures!

I hope you're all enjoying your day/evening, magical magpie hugs to each of you!!


Photo 1:
Outfit: Kandee's Fashions White Leather Tank Top & Blue Leather Pants  $1L FPH Hunt #8
Shoes: Karin Pumps-Wabana LB Blue  $0L Lucky Board Prize Kokoa Fair Park
Eyeshadow: :::Sn@tch Beguiled Eye Makeup (Aqua):::  $0L Cart Sale Gift

Photo 2:

Top: Vicarious Youth {V*Y} Open Front Hoodies - Panda (all sizes)  $0L Wash Cart Sale

Photo 3:

Dress: M&A Summer Dress (Macaroon)  $0L Demo Gift Kokoa Fair Park

Photo 4:

Dress: Rowena Springflower {RS} Mandy Summer Dress  $0L Midnight Mania Prize

Nails: [LB Persian Lace Gold] *Slink* Manicure  $10L The Wash Cart Sale

Hair: Magika [01] Meadow
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. GG OCT 2014 Lorelay Tan CL
Lips: [:T:] Parted lips {free from TULI skins} Parted lips 1  $0L Marketplace
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid

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