Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Anniversary Hunt

Hiya everyone! Well I had a change of plans for today's blog since I found out that one of my favorite stores, Rowena Springflower and Precious Designs (okay that's two in one) is having a 1st Anniversary hunt. I didn't see anything mentioned anywhere about how long it's lasting, and for that reason I made it a high priority to get the word out. I've blogged lovely things from their lucky boards and midnight manias twice before, and these are more wonderful treasures with those oh-so-useful HUDs to change the colors.

The hunt is simple, all in the one building, 10 butterflies...5 red ones from Precious Designs, 5 purple ones from Rowena Springflower. They're not terribly big, so wander around and they'll rez when you get near enough, and look high and low and places like plants and such. Another hint I'll give is to be sure to check out the models too, perhaps butterflies like models :)  Okay here we go...

This is actually 2 of the prizes, the dress is #3 from Precious and the shoes (for slink high) are #1 from her also. They each have a HUD with 7 colors, so you can suit any mood. I am so loving that flirty zipper detail on the dress, and it may be hard to tell but the shoes have little spikes all over.

This is prize #2 from Precious, a very pretty jacket, and I must apologize that I have no idea where the black panties I'm wearing came from...you can barely see them but it's something I've had for several years and tend to always have them on in case of mesh/alpha issues. So the jacket comes with a HUD of 7 colors as well, plenty of versatility.

So much fun, this is prize #4 from Precious and I simply had to include a screenshot of the HUD as well as showing you the dress itself. The name of the dress is Leslie, and is a fun way to express your feelings.

This is the 5th and final prize from Precious, called Ain't It Fun, and why yes it is! The HUD has 5 colors for the skirt, but the shirt remains black, and I hope my hair isn't completely hiding the little ruffle detail around the neck. I also like the side slit on the skirt.

Meet the beautiful Asami, which is prize #1 from Rowena. Our HUD changes it to your choice of 5 colors, with the stunning dragon remaining on all. Being a lover of dragons in general, this dress has extra appeal to me because of that.

Prize #2 from Rowena is this skirt and blouse set called Ednah, and even though it is worn as one mesh piece, the HUD has 5 colors for each skirt and blouse to change independently. This makes for so many possibilities, love that!

When I chose the red from the 5 color HUD for Saira, this lovely gown which is #4 from Rowena, it reminded me of Jessica Rabbit :) I'm not bad, I'm just rezzed that way? You've got 4 other colors to choose from on the HUD if you aren't in the mood for red. You can also catch a tiny glimpse of #5, the Saira shoes for slink high feet, but since you can't quite see them well enough I took a close up shot...
There we go, now you can see the ribbon details in all their glory :) These shoes have a HUD with 10 colors to choose from, that's like 10 amazing pairs of shoes for free! You need this in your inventory :)

I'm sorry for blogging these out of order, my photos were taken out of order and I got myself a little mixed up, but this is prize #3 from Rowena. This playful combo is Hazan halter and skirt, and the HUD includes 5 colors for each. The buckles add such a fun touch.

Well that is all of the wonderful, generous gifts from Precious and Rowena for their anniversary, Congratulations ladies and thank you for enriching my wardrobe so much!! Magical magpie hugs to all :)

All Prizes from Precious Designs & Rowena Springflower 1st Anniversary Hunt:
Photo 1: PD ~ Hunt Gift Dress # 3  $0LShoes- PD* Hunt Gift # 1  $0L
Photo 2: PD ~ Hunt Gift Jacket # 2  $0L
Photo 3: *PD* Leslie Dress  Prize #4  $0L
Photo 4: *PD* Ain't It Fun  Prize #5  $0L
Photo 5:{RS} Asami Dress  Rowena's Prize #1  $0L
Photo 6: {RS} Ednah Blouse & Skirt  Prize #2  $0L
Photo 7: {RS} Saira Gown Bagged hunt Prize #4  $0L
Photo 8: {RS} Saira Heel for Slink High, Prize #5  $0L
Photo 9: {RS} Hazan Halter & Skirt  Prize #3  $0L

Hair: .:{Rumina}:. Keri - Group Gift  $0L

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. GG JUNE 2014 Poison TAN CL (group $350L to join)

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