Friday, March 20, 2015

Groovy Hunt Goodies

Hiya everyone! The 70s are one of those decades that was full of amazing fashions, and I think they were very influential on what we saw in later decades as well. So I was excited when I heard about the latest hunt by Fi's Creations, The 70s Hunt. I only had time to find the first 5 prizes this morning, but I am eager to share them with you all.

First we have this long strapless number from Fi's Creations, and this is prize #1. I like the way the colors aren't bright enough to make the pattern feel overwhelming, it's a good balance.

Next we have me, trying to hide my boobs again...there is a story behind this ;) The far-out jeans are from <Trashed> and I was going to try to wear the men's shirt which is also included, but it was hiding too much of the jeans and I really wanted you to be able to see the details. This is #2 in the hunt.

For #4, we visit Basta (nope I didn't forget #3, stay tuned...) and pick up this great outfit with a really wild pair of jeans that I love! The shirt is mesh, the jeans are a system layer with optional mesh flairs, so you can leave them off and wear boots with this if you'd like. The left leg (right side of picture) says "Love is the Message" and the other says "Flower Power!", and the back pockets have designs on them as well, a heart on one and a flower on the other.

Gift #5 is from MishMash Fusion, a delightfully bright tie dye dress with matching boots. I had trouble with the boots as you can probably tell, I'm a bit sunken into the floor and the top is not playing nice with my calf. There was no layer for fitting/adjusting shoes, sorry I can't think of the right term, but maybe that was the problem. There is certainly no harm in pairing them with a matching solid color of your favorite shoes you already own :)

So prize #3, you can actually see in each of these photos as it is the wonderful nails from La Boheme. You will receive HUDs for slink manicure and slink pedicure, [LB Jazz Hands] and [LB TieDyeClouds], but the manicure HUD changed both my fingernails and my updated feet's toenails. I'm a huge fan of La Boheme, and these gorgeous designs are just another reason :)

If you're curious about my hair, this is the Truth hair from the Uber event, and I've worn it before on here but not with the optional flowers or butterflies. There are attachments for the front and for the back of each, and there is a HUD to change among 6 colors, pastels for the flowers and brights for the butterflies. Love them all!

On a personal note, I've spent several days caring for someone with a stomach bug and now I am afraid I've got it too...that's why I'm running late tonight and not sure I'll be blogging tomorrow or not. I'll be back as soon as I can though, warm wishes to you all!!

All Prizes from That 70s Hunt:
Photo 1: Fi's Creations - 70s Maxi Dress  Hunt Prize #1 $0L
Photo 2: <Trashed> <T >Flower Power Jean  Hunt Prize #2 $0L
Photo 3: [B!] :LOVE MESSENGER: 70s Hunt gift by BASTA!  Hunt Prize #4 $0L
Photo 4: 70's Hunt Mishmash Fusion Ladies  Hunt Prize #5 $0L
Nails: La Boheme Prize for 70s Hunt (slink mani/pedi HUDs) Hunt Prize #3 $0L

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Delphine - gingers (NOT Free, available at Uber this month)

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Ana Tan CL

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