Saturday, March 7, 2015

More Steaming and Dreaming

Hiya everyone! I'm still having a great time with the Steam X Hunt, so I've got some more goodies to share with you. I'm finding that I truly relish the opportunity, gives me a chance to show my gratitude to the designers and show them just how much I appreciate their gifts.

This speaks to the Victorian nature of this hunt, and made me picture Christmas caroling. The dress above is from Destiny's Designs (#60) and is all mesh but separate pieces, so the dress and sleeves and cape can be worn in various sizes to suit your shape. The earmuffs are included as well, along with a fur muff for your hands (matches the fur on the cape) that I didn't show because it has a pose in it that would have caused the muff to hide the bodice. I really wanted you to see the beauty!

I like that this one shows the variety you'll find, different creative takes on the steampunk theme. Dandy and Niki Creations, #57 in the hunt, went funky and blue! Top and skirt are separate mesh pieces, and the bustle in the back helps show off the included boots with the gear pattern. So many shades of fun!

So then I had this cheeky idea, a look behind the scenes of how I prepare for need to wear something comfy of course, so how about the very cute tank top from Designer Circle's 100th group gifts from !!smesh, and a previously shown marketplace freebie jeans from Kemdi? Then I needed to accessorize, some of these stores could be dark ya know, so I went with a necklace from !!Never Ever! which is #58 in the hunt. It's functional since it lights up :)

But what if you want a more steampunk way to enhance your vision? There's a prize for that...visit #70 Spyralle and find that gear, and you can add this to your wardrobe:

Too fun! But sometimes after a rough evening of hunting (or just a long day in general), we all need someone to hug. Well, Hermione's Heavenly Sweet Boutique has an adorable solution for that need...
Awww! You can find this cutie hiding inside the gear at #55. Remember it's Steam the Dream this round, and Hermione clearly focused on the 'dream' part of that, much to my delight.

Hunting is a fantastic way to visit stores you might not have seen before, or haven't been to in a while, and you get rewarded for your efforts. Team up with a friend or sweetie, help each other and share some laughs, or explore on your own so you can surprise your friends with all the new treasures you've long as you're not sharing locations in local chat, there's no wrong way to do things. My partner spends a great deal of time in wireframe when we get a bit stumped, something my eyes or brain can't seem to handle. I tend to analyze the hints and spout out every idea that comes to mind, then look around for anything that rings a bell from that. Everyone's method is different, and that's natural. Whatever yours is, enjoy yourself and good luck!! Magic-filled hugs to all...

Steam X Hunt: Steam the Dream prizes
Photo 1: Destiny's Designs (#60) - !~DD~! Winter Shopping Outfit- Ladies Hunt $0L
Photo 2: Dandy and Niki Creations (#57) Steampunk Alice- Steam the Dream $0L
Photo 3: !!Never Ever! (#58) !! NE! Dream Necklace $0L
   Shirt- !!smesh Tank Top Daisy gift from Designer Circle $0L Group Gift (free to join)
   Jeans- Kemdi Jeans Pack 1 in brilliant blue $0L Marketplace gift
Photo 4: Spyralle Steam X Hunt Prize: Dreampunk Monocle (#70) $0L
Photo 5: Hermione's Heavenly Sweet Boutique (#55) - Steam X Cloudy Dreams bear $0L

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Honey -  gingers (NOT free)

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Rosalia GG March CL (Group $350L to join)

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