Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring in the Air

Hiya everyone! As I prepared to start the Medieval Fantasy Hunt, I pondered how my style seems to be all over the map, LOL! It is eclectic and rather fluid, as I don't tend to have a very specific theme to my posts or the things I wear. That's got to be the magpie in me, attracted to a wide variety and then flitting from treasure to treasure. I thought about coloring in school, and how I didn't always stay in the lines because sometimes I had more to 'say' than the constricting lines had room for! With that weird tidbit in mind, hehe, what I have to share tonight is actually from the The ScratchN SpriNg HuNt 2015 which is geared towards KittyCatS enthusiasts primarily. That doesn't mean if you're catless (like myself), that you wouldn't find anything you'd enjoy...if you collected gifts from the KittyCatS advent calendar, you know that there is a huge variety among the designers who support them, for humans and cats. Same with this hunt, which I'd heard about from being part of Somnia's group. Sanura, the wonderful designer of Somnia, created a set of nails for the hunt, yes Slink/Omega/Belleza huds for us, not the kitties :) I decided to give the hunt a whirl last night, and wound up TPing back and forth between the same few attached sims several times and getting terribly mixed up, yet having fun and finding lots of goodies as well. Well enough talk, how about some pictures? :)
This dress from Winterwood Designs makes me long for spring even more, and I paired it with the fun lei, head dress, and armlets from ~TMD~. There are anklets too but I was wearing my slink high feet and they didn't line up right at all (around/through my arches hehe) but will edit them when I get a chance. I can't decide if I look like I'm on my way to a luau or a Woodstock type event, but either way I'm in!

This dress is short, sassy, sexy, and stunning! [RUBY] no longer has an inworld store for her fashions, but I remember it fondly. There is a mens prize along with household goodies in this flower, so it's a generous gift for sure.

I had to take more than one photo of this mesh shirt from Tulip, because it's animated! That adorable cat changes among several different facial expressions and eye colors. I paired it with The Dark Fae's gift of Kitty Jeans, which included a mens style as well. The belt is attached and there are kitties on the back as well, I'll leave that for you to discover though :)

For something a bit more dressy, this strapless number is our prize from Sweet E's, and there is a men's casual outfit included as well.

Now I have to confess, I've mentioned before that I don't have slink hands, just their nails for the default avatar hands...I was being frugal, I admit, and it's kinda biting me in the butt right now. They haven't updated the nails yet to a new version, as the hands and feet have been, so the HUD from Somnia wouldn't work on my hands, just my toes. Entirely my fault for not buying the hands (yet?). Therefore, to give you a glimpse at Somnia's gorgeous nails in action, I had to take a foot selfie, a trend I hope never ever catches on!
Well SL feet are much better than first life feet, hehe. So these beautiful bows are in 5 different colors, and HUDs for Belleza and Slink and Omega.

Good gracious I'm running late tonight, it's been that kind of a day...much magic and love to all!!

All Prizes from The ScratchN SpriNg HuNt 2015:
Photo 1: .:WinTeRwooD Designs:.Julietta Spring Dress  $0L ScratchN Spring Daffodil #9
Photo 2: [RUBY] - SUMMER DRESS - OLIVE - FOR WOMEN  $0L Spring Daffodil #21
Flowers: ~TMD~ Pink Rose Head Dress, Armlets, Lei Garland, Anklets  $0L Tulip #25
Photo 3: ScratchNSpring Hunt annimated T-shirt  $0L Tulip #13
The Dark Fae's Kitty Jeans for Women  $0L Daisy #26
Photo 4: Sweet E's Mocha Layered Dress  $0L Tulip #10
Photo 5: .: Somnia :. Bowtiful Special (Slink, Belleza, Omega HUDs) $0L Spring Daisy #23

Hair: >TRUTH< Tymber w/Roots - copper (NOT free)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Petals, GG AUGUST 2014 CL (group $350L to join)

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