Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kiyomizu Revisited

Hiya everyone! Tonight I have some more treasures from the Kiyomizu Hunt to show you, as I've been enjoying it immensely and am really grateful for all the treasures I've found in those cute ninja cats.

This rockabilly style dress from Spiral, #75 in the hunt, is a perfect way to welcome spring if you like floral prints but prefer the print to be an accent rather than the whole dress. It seems like a great way to take a bold print and make it feel more subtle.

So soft and delicate! This is from a store called 10*4, and they are #65 in the hunt. The flowers and lace are a sweet complement to each other.

I am so very excited to show you this one! You may remember that in my first post of Kiyomizu hunt gifts, I showed a beautiful kimono from White Shell. Well this is their prize from their mainstore which is #58, and it's the same gorgeous pattern in a ruffled strapless mini dress! The kimono had included matching sandals, but for this dress they have included that gorgeous necklace I'm wearing in the photo. You can definitely tell that I love this one and am going to be visiting this store again and again :)

For another strapless dress that's a much less bold pattern, we have the dainty design on this flirty dress from Leaf. They are #74 in the hunt. I can picture this as a good choice for a date night.

I had 3 pictures for this tank top but when I went to edit my photos (cropping and adding my name only, I don't touch them up at all) the ivory one seems to have vanished, hehe, but you do get to see these two which are labeled part-ivory and pink. I see it as blue, but we don't want to start one of those controversies ;) Rather than a HUD, you get each color in each mesh size, so it's a very generous folder full from Toh-ryan-se #73.

My nails in each photo are from a great freebie I found on the marketplace, called (AB) Reila. You get several different colors for slink fingers and toes, either plain or with a white tip like a French manicure.

Well, I hope this week is being good to you, and I thank you sincerely for taking the time to read my blog. I'm still new to blogging but I am enjoying it, an outlet for creativity and a chance to help people find appealing bargains in SL. Hugs!!

Photo 1: ..::SPIRAL::..Rockabilly DRESS  $0L #75 in Kiyomizu Hunt
Photo 2: 10*4 TopGather Dress  $0L  Prize #65
Photo 3: WhiteShell - Hunt /  Mesh Primrose Dress  $0L  Prize #58
Photo 4:  .:*:.Leaf.:*:. General shop - T.:Dress-Flower  $0L  Prize #74
Photo 5: Toh-ryan-se Strap Tank Top with Frills Lace  $0L  Prize #73
Nails: (AB) Reila  $0L on Marketplace

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dasha -  gingers

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Ana Tan CL

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