Saturday, March 28, 2015

More Spring has Sprung

Hiya everyone! I had much better luck with the second half of the Spring Has Sprung hunt, so I have a few goodies to share with all of you from it :)

First of all I can't help but mention my usual brown peepers have a temporary makeover thanks to #21 in this hunt, InkHeart. These are their beautiful Fantasy eyes, and I am wearing the mesh in size L. For this lovely warm weather outfit including those great shoes for Slink high feet, you'll want to visit store #17 Prevail. The outfit is named Sara, cropped vest and mini skirt along with the shoes.

More stunning aqua, this time in a sexy tank top from #26 Ayva's Attic. I just realized that this is the same store I blogged from the 70s Hunt and showed the front and back of that outfit so you could see the tail on the tank top, well this shirt is the same design in a different texture. This color really makes those eyes pop!

Finally we have this adorable dress from FashionNatic, #33 in the hunt, and I am loving the ruffles on the neckline as well as the color combination. I think I have a manicure (first life) pinned on pinterest with this exact design, brown background with pink polka dots. Speaking of manicures...

I know they were hard to see in my photos, but these are the gorgeous gifts from La Boheme, #32 in this hunt. I figured a screenshot of the HUDs would be the best way to show them off to you :) Every time I see La Boheme as a destination in a hunt, it makes me extra excited!

My day did not go as planned due to another illness (not my own) so I am creating my own happiness and reasons to smile in any way I can. I actually quite enjoy the challenge of finding pleasure, reasons to smile, in the most ordinary of situations. Sending weekend hugs to everyone!!

All Prizes from the Spring Has Sprung Hunt 3:
Photo 1: Photo 1: [PREVAIL] SHS Hunt Gift  $0L  Prize #17
Photo 2: Avya's Attic Valeri Tank Top   $0L  Prize #26

Photo 3: FashionNatic - Odessa Dress  $0L  Prize #33
Nails: La Boheme - [LB Flowering Gold] and [LB Flowering Silver]  $0L  Prize #32
Eyes: *InkHeart* Spring has Sprung 3  Spring Eyes - Fantasy L mesh  $0L  Prize #21

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Posy - Gingers
Skin: .::WoW Skins::.

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