Friday, March 13, 2015

More Medieval Magic

Hiya everyone! I've got more goodies to show you from the Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIII. There have been a lot of great stores, and I am eager to show you what I've found.

First I should mention that the hair I'm wearing in all of these photos is a prize by Ali&Alli, who are #29 in the hunt. There is also a men's prize included, both hairs are black with purple and blue streaks, like a bright ombre. Coincidentally all the clothing I have to show you is in shades of blue so they look great together! This gorgeous dress is from C&N (#25 in the hunt) and is mesh, but those little sleeves are an undershirt layer and therefore optional. This style made me smile!

This outfit made me giggle, from the name to the clothing itself, it's just a fun costume for roleplay or simply a change of pace. Thanks to #36 Gypsy Wolf Creations, we can all be a pirate wench when the mood strikes! For the guys, there is a pirate costume as well, so we really ALL can enjoy.

I found this intriguing, here is another mesh dress with a system layer shirt beneath, but this one makes a huge difference as you can see. Because of that, I just had to show you both with and without the shirt! This is our women's prize from PeKaS, #26 in the hunt. As in most cases from this particular hunt, there is a men's prize as well.

Finally, a quick glimpse at the unisex cloak from BMe, #24, which comes in small and large so it is suitable for most avis. It also includes a hood for each size that drapes behind the neck, and one to be worn up that I couldn't see at's modifiable so I went into edit, the texture tab, and saw transparency set to 100%. I changed it to 0% and voila, it appeared! :) Not sure how I even thought of that, but figured it was worth sharing.

Well I hope you all enjoyed these looks at some of the Medieval Fantasy Hunt prizes, and I hope that your Friday the 13th has been a lucky one :) Magical hugs to you all!!

All Prizes from the Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIII
Photo 1: C&N Medieval Strapless Bridal Corset Dress  $0L Prize #25
Photo 2: Gypsy Wolf Creations - GW Pirate Wench Wendy Top and Bloomers  $0L Prize #36
Photo 3: PeKaS - PKS Yaky  $0L Prize #26
Photo 4: BlueMoon enterprise - BMe Unisex Cloak  $0L Prize #24
Hair: Alli&Ali Designs  A&A Brunhilde Hair Black Purple Blue  $0L Prize #29

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Ashira Milk CL  On Sale for $10L!!

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