Monday, March 9, 2015

Wrapping Up Steam X

Hiya everyone! Wow, my partner and I finished the Steam X hunt and I am so glad we did it. We got to see and learn a great deal about steampunk, and just generally had a great time doing a wonderfully organized hunt. Just a few quick glimpses today....

*gasp* Oops, this isn't the glimpse I had in mind! I was just hiding behind my gorgeous new dressing screen from SR Leatherwerkx (#90 in the hunt) and getting changed...let me distract you with, umm I mean show you, my charming hat from Panda Panda! This is stop #86 in the hunt, and it does send out puffs of steam as you can see.

I had two different thoughts when I first tried this was "hey this is STUNNING", the other was more like "is a sari really steampunk?" :) This is the ladies' prize from The White Armory, is mesh and comes in 5 sizes. The delicate pattern is really remarkable. It turns out that the sari DOES in fact make sense if you consider that steampunk is Victorian, and during that era India was a colony of England. I'd imagine there was some cultural blending and exploration for wealthy travelers.

Because I'm still feeling rather cheeky, here's a look at The White Armory's Mens prize, found in the same box as the sari. This suit is a mesh one-piece, and the shirt color is a perfect match for the sari. By the way, my hair in these photos is another gift from Designer Circle's 100th event, some of which I blogged here. The hair is by Amarelo Manga and several colors are included, this being the red. Yep I know it looks brown to me too, hehe, but it's still quite pretty and a nice simple style.

All in all, I enjoyed this hunt very much. If you think you would too, you've got until the end of the month so there's plenty of time to find yourself some steamy dreamy treasures. Magical hugs to all!

Steam X Hunt: Steam The Dream prizes
Photo 1: Panda Panda L.M. Steampunk hat Steam Hunt 2015 $0L Prize #86
SR Leatherwerkx *SRL-Mesh Art Nouveau Dressing Screen,v2.5  $0L Prize #90
Photo 2: The White Armory Hunt Gift- Hunt Gift-2015 (Women)_Sari  $0L Prize #88
Photo 3: The White Armory Hunt Gift- Hunt Gift-2015 (Men) Suit  $0L Prize #88

Hair: [AMARELO MANGA] - Spring Hair [Colors] GIFT DC 100 $0L Designer Circle Group Gift
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Vita Women's Day skin CL (very limited time freebie for Womens Day)

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