Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lucky and Precious

Hiya everyone! As a quick break between hunts, a palate cleanser if you will, I decided to show you some more terrific prizes from the lucky boards and mini manias at Rowena Springflower and Precious Designs. One of my first posts actually was a few of their treasures, and I mentioned then about how much I appreciate that both designers include HUDs to change the colors/textures of the clothing. It makes for so much more variety and doesn't overload the inventory so much :)  They share a store, there is a dividing line on the floor that shows where one ends and the other begins, but the lucky boards and mini/midnight manias are all together upstairs. Group gifts and sales event goodies are there too, it's a treasure trove!

This adorable romper is from Precious Designs and is called Brick House. It's all one piece, and I love the ruffles down the front and the little tie at the waistband. 5 rich colors on one color HUD, your choice what color mood you're in today. This was from a lucky board.

Here's another of Precious Designs lucky board goodies, if you want a long but casual dress that comes with a HUD of 5 really bright colors. This is called Cheryl Gown.

This outfit from Rowena Springflower's lucky boards is so cute I had to show it twice :) It's called Jessie, and there is one HUD that handles both the crop top and jeans but you can change the colors independently so it's a mix-and-match delight. The back of the top is simply a string, very sexy!

I just noticed I went with all casual treasures today, as my last Rowena Springflower outfit of the night is a very cute jumpsuit called Cassidy. Another 5-color HUD, and I love the sassy cutouts on the sides along with that deep neckline that really shows off a pretty necklace. That leads to my next treasure...

Here's a closer look at the necklace I chose to show above, a midnight mania board prize from CPD (Chaos, Panic and Disorder!). When you visit their store, head downstairs and you'll find 4 lucky chairs that change every 5 minutes, and 2 midnight mania boards which deliver and reset to a new gift as soon as they're full. Visit often enough, and you could wind up with a lot of exciting new jewelry in a relatively short amount of time! This particular Triknot necklace came with a mens version which I believe had a fang instead of a crystal. Some sets include earrings, other sets are for petites, it's an excellent variety.

Well, I am off to decide which hunt to explore next, and see what other treasures I can track down to share with all of you. Hope you're having a fabulous weekend, hugs to you all!!

Photo 1: *PD* Brick House  $0L Lucky Board Prize
Photo 2: *PD* Cheryl Gown  $0L Lucky Board Prize
Photo 3: {RS} Jessie Crop Top & Jeans  $0L Lucky Board Prize
Photo 4: {RS} Cassidy Silk Jumpsuit  $0L Lucky Board Prize
Photo 5: :*:CPD:*: Triknot Necklace  $0L Midnight Mania Prize

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Posy -  gingers (NOT free)

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Ashira Milk CL  On Sale for $10L!!

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