Friday, March 6, 2015

Steam X Treasures

Hiya everyone! I've been working my way through the Steam X Hunt, a Victorian steampunk themed hunt, and this round is called Steam: The Dream which sounded really exciting. Lots of home furnishings to be found, but since my primary focus here is fashions I was glad to have some of those to share with you as well. For each store, find the gear and give it a click, and you'll receive a folder full of goodies as well as your next landmark.
I must admit, it's been ages since I wore a flexi skirt, as I've been a big fan of rigged mesh for quite some time. This lovely dress by Rag Dollz (prize #40) has 2 skirt layers, and it really moves so it reminded me of what I liked about flexi. The necklace is included.

This beauty is a mesh kimono, a very daring one hehe, with a really fascinating print...did you notice the gears in the pattern? This is prize #32 by Designs by Sebastian.

Jewelry abounds in this hunt as well, which also makes me quite happy!
At this stop in the hunt, #38 WILLOW, there are 4 different gears to track down, but each one contains a beautiful necklace. The one above is the red roses version, and there are also gold, black, and plum colors to be found. As you can see, they're well worth the search!

When you visit #36, HUDSON's, their gear will give you this special treasure, a jewelry set consisting of two necklaces and matching earrings. I'm showing the smaller of the necklaces, the other is longer with a drop chain suspending the amber pendant. Love these!!

The last glimpse of the hunt for now is the prize from Jacon Cortes Designs, which made me giggle because I'd made an offhanded comment about Captain Jack Sparrow while hunting with my partner, and not only did we later see a cutout of Jack in a store, but this prize reminds me of him as well! This store is #49 in the hunt by the way.

Lots of treasures so far, and I've still got almost half the hunt to enjoy. Speaking of enjoying, I am loving the March group gift skin from WoW skins shown in these pictures, along with another Alice Project mini-mania board prize. My eyes are (still) from a Sn@tch fishing prize that I blogged already, that #20 bag 'odds and ends'. Well, much love to you all and I hope your weekend is off to a terrific start!!

Photo 1: *Rag Dollz* Irish Steam Dream (Steam X prize #40) $0L
Photo 2: Designs by SebastianSbD - Steam the Hunt - Steampunk Geisha (#32) $0L
Photo 3: WILLOW Steampunk Noble Heart (#38) $0L
Photo 4: HUDSON's Clothing Co Amber Healing Jewel Set UniSex (#36) $0L
Photo 5: Jacon Cortes Designs Pirates Guide Pendant Ladies (also includes Mens and Child versions) (#49) $0L

Hair: Alice Project - Yolanda - Lucky Brown $0L Mini Mania Prize
Skin: .::WoW Skins::.  Rosalia March Group Gift (group is $350 to join)

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