Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kiyomizu Treasures

Hiya everyone! For a long time now, one of my favorite places to find a variety of bargains (and a slew of lucky boards!) is the Kiyomizu Mall. Now is a great time for you to discover it if you haven't been there yet, as they are having a really fun hunt there. I think of this as a sim-wide and beyond hunt, as some of the stores hide their prize in the store on the sim, but others send you back to their main store for it. This is the Spring round of the hunt, and they do hold one for each season. Usually I start by wandering around the sim itself, and finding the cute ninja cats in each store that has a sign indicating the number it is in the hunt. The plain signs have no numbers on them and are usually an indication that you'll need to visit that shop's mainstore, and usually have a LM giver with them. Here are just some of the lovely things the ninja cats on the main sim itself gave me when I found them...

This kimono is a work of art! The vibrant colors, the beautiful pattern, it's quite amazing. This is from #41, White Shell. The matching sandals shown are included and are for system feet.

This one gives me a 60s vibe I think, with the ruffles and the mini skirt and definitely the color. It's the prize from Hapi*Rabi which is #32 in the hunt.

I really felt you needed to see the terrific HUD that accompanies the prize from SHOP KERO #63. The top row is for the fabric, and the bottom row is for the binding (piping?) along the neckline and sleeves. As you can see, you can match or contrast it in a wide variety of ways.

Finally we have the prize from Kit-J, #13 in the hunt. Only the size Medium mesh dress is included, with a notation on the enclosed picture that the other sizes are available on the marketplace. The hat shown is included, not shown are the scarf and shoes which seem to only fit the included pairs of feet in 3 shades. The texture on the dress is beautiful, so if you wear a mesh M then you're in luck! You can see my chest has a bit of extra room there...okay a lot, LOL...

Hair note, I decided I wanted to use a hairstyle from LNS lucky chairs, and those all come with HUDs for pink and purple. But Dawn, that hair is black, you say? Well yes, apparently that's the default color for this Imogen style before you use the HUD. So I made a copy to keep the original black, which I really liked with the skin I'm wearing and for a dramatic look. 

Helpful information about the hunt, it's easy to get lost among all the wonderful stores at the Kiyomizu Mall and what about the ones that aren't on the sim but at their mainstores? Well you'll find some large floating boxes in the sky placed around the mall in various locations, and if you click it'll take you to a website that tells you not only which cats you've already clicked, but where the others are located! I can't even begin to tell you how much it improved my already high opinion of the organizers of this hunt :) I always check back a few times before the hunt ends as well, to see who was added and who put their ninja kitties out late. The signs have scripting to keep track remarkably well.

I've had a very trying day, but things are looking up so I am wishing you all luck, love and good health!!

Photo 1: White Shell - Mesh Japanese Kimono & Zouri ( red flower )  $0L #41 in Hunt
Photo 2: Hapi*Rabi Monica -KSH   $0L  #32 in hunt
Photo 3: SHOP KERO - Choeongsam Flower  $0L #63 in hunt
Photo 4: Kit-J - Hunt Hydrangea Dress  $0L #13 in hunt

Hair: [LNS Designs]IMOGEN - LUCKY PINK PACK  $0L Lucky Chair (no HUD used, default color)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Eshe Tan CL (not free)

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