Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fishing for Fashion Part 2

Hiya everyone! I fished some more at Sn@tch and got some more wonderful wardrobe fillers, a variety of treats so you're bound to fish up something you'll enjoy. I'm grateful to my partner Xan for having the patience to fish with me there, even though he can't make use of anything we catch, and he was kind enough to fish too so he could share what I still needed. Did I mention the items are transferable? So bring a friend and trade extras to complete your collection faster!
Here are some more Sn@tch fishing prizes, and I'm wearing a lucky chair prize hair from [LNS], whose chairs I have blogged once before but really should do so more often. 14 lucky chairs, so many pretty styles in pink/purple, and today I went with Solstice Deux in purple. As yesterday, the grab bag prizes are labeled in each photo.
I love these shorts, I'd probably have called them capris but they're right up my alley either way :) The shirt looks so comfy, need one in first life.
This is one of those shirts that is cute but edgy and can go with anything from a long flowy skirt to your favorite jeans.

Ooohhh, pretty corset top! I know I say this a lot about Ivey's stuff, but the texturing is amaaazing. The tattoo, I'd noticed before in the vendor photos at Sn@tch and if you did too and always wanted them for you own, here's your chance!

There's nothing quite like a great tank dress with a terrific design, and with this pose you can get a better look at the tattoos being on both arms. Win-win! :)

Finally, please enjoy the beautifully sexy tank dress from bag #2. The lace is exquisite, isn't it? 

I do have enough pieces I didn't show you yet to make a part 3 of the Sn@tch fishing, so that's my plan for tomorrow, and then I get to do some hunting from the new March hunts! I expect lots of green, hehe, and clovers galore, but will try to make sure I get a nice variety nonetheless. I love spring hunts too, pastels and lighter fabrics and florals too. Hoping you've all had a beautiful weekend, hugs to you!!

ALL CLOTHING is from Sn@tch Fishing Grab Bags:
Photo #1: 7 Sn@tch Bag-Taylor Loose Tee (White) and 15 Sn@tch Bag-Horizon Denim Shorts (Black)
Photo #2: 18 Sn@tch Bag-Dani Skull Tank (Aqua) and 15 Sn@tch Bag-Horizon Denim Shorts (Black)
Photo #3: 12 Sn@tch Bag-Sally Corset Top (Blue), 17 Sn@tch Bag-Apnea Tattoo, 15 Sn@tch Bag-Horizon Denim Shorts (Black)
Photo #4: 11 Sn@tch Bag-Riley Tube Dress (Army) and 17 Sn@tch Bag-Apnea Tattoo
Photo #5:  2 Sn@tch Bag-Sasha Satin Tank Dress (Purple)
Nails: Sn@tch Nails-Matte Tips/Faded $0L Lucky Board Prize
Eyes: :::Sn@tch Illyria Eyes (Light Hazel)::: from 20 Sn@tch Bag-ODDS & ENDS
Hair: [LNS Designs] SOLSTICE DEUX - LUCKY PINK PACK $0L Lucky Chair Prize

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Jaz Tan CL (NOT free)

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