Thursday, March 12, 2015

Medieval Fantasies

Hiya everyone! Today I'm showing you some treasures from the Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIII and I am really enjoying the uniqueness of this hunt. You're looking for a beautiful small glowy replica of the Northern Lights, as the theme this round is the Northern Light of Aurora. This definitely brought out the creativity of the designers, as you'll see. Each store has a hunt sign with a hint giver (the same glowing light that you're looking for that contains your prize) and those certainly can come in handy. Now I admit, Medieval fashions are not my niche as far as knowledge, and my first thought was along the lines of pictures from the local Renaissance fair even though I know they aren't the same thing. You'll see that this hunt actually includes such things are fairies, elves, and outfits that put me in mind of Lord of the Rings.

Above is the prize from Black Hole Sun (#11 in the hunt), and there's a lot going on there. The sleeves, legwarmers, collar, and belt are all separate pieces from the gown itself, with different mesh sizes for gown and warmers. The earth tones are so eyecatching!

Allow me to introduce you to the gift from Tayren's Fantasy Fashions, #12 in the hunt, and their Elven Rogue outfit. I think my avi is trying to make her ears grow into points! LOL! Actually there is a shape included that has pointy ears, but I chose to stick with my own shape. This is all system clothing, male and female included, no appliers, and a black hair is included but not shown. I was really impressed with the detailing, right down to the boots.

Les Sucreries is #17 in the hunt, and this intriguing gown is their gift to us. At first I tried on just the outer layer, realized I could see through not only the gown but my whole torso, and noticed the underneath layer in the folder as well. Got everything added that I needed and WOW! So elegant, and I love the lace.

I definitely felt royal enough for this throne, so here is prize #14 from ~XM~ Designs. The Throne of Aurora is surrounded by a large attached iceberg of sorts, you can see my door through it behind the throne so it is somewhat transparent. Naturally it would work better outdoors or perhaps atop an ice castle? :)

Last but certainly not least, here is a look at prize #15, the fantastic *CPD* which stands for Chaos, Panic and Disorder! When reading that to my partner as we were about to teleport there, I followed the name with YAY and got a slight stunned silence in response...finally I said I'm excited because I love the store, not those concepts! You all should definitely admire his patience, I sure do test it sometimes ;) Anyway, this incredible necklace slowly shifts colors among shades of blue and green, it's mesmerizing. I am a huge fan of their work!

Well, I hope you are all having a lovely week so far, mine has been a bit of a roller coaster but I see the weekend approaching rapidly and that usually holds some relaxation and fun for me. I hope it holds the same for all of you, as well as plenty of hugs and magic!!

Prizes from the Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIII
Photo 1: Black Hole Sun - BHS Quarunah Northern Lights of Aurora  Hunt Gift $0L Prize #11
Photo 2: Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions - Elven Rogue - Complete Elf Costume by TFF  $0L Prize #12
Photo 3: Les Sucreries - Medieval Fantasy Dress  $0L Prize #17
Photo 4: ~XM~ Designs - ~XM~ Throne of Aurora  $0L Prize #14
Photo 5: Chaos, Panic, & Disorder! - :*:CPD:*: Northern Lights Necklace (Women)  $0L Prize #15

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Honey- gingers (NOT free)

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Petals, GG AUGUST 2014 CL (Group is $350L to join)

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