Sunday, March 22, 2015

Feelin' Outta Sight!

Hiya again everyone! I feel like I need to listen to some funky 70s tunes while I show you more goodies from The 70s Hunt. My vibe is somewhere between disco and classic rock when I think of that era, and my dad was/is a Beatles fan so I enjoy them too. How about you? :) Ooohh a teenager I used to go to a pizza place with my best friend a few nights a week just to hang out, and I'd play lots of Doors on the jukebox, so okay time to groove to some Light My Fire! Meanwhile...

This outfit could sure light someone's fire! This daring shirt and skirt are from Ayva's Attic, #38 in the hunt. I did the back/side view so you could see the cute tail the shirt has in the back, but it also serves to show you that the sideboob is strong with this one, LOL! Since that's a mangling of a Star Wars quote and the movies started in the 70s, that's on theme, right? :) I really love the design on the shirt, the tree is so clever. The hair is part of the very generous gift from Alli&Ali Designs, who are #26 in the hunt, and that is Kitty Hair Sahara. You'll see more from that gift in the rest of the post.

I found this ancient pose in my inventory from several years ago and it just suited things too well. Here we have #41 from Kelli Kreations, which includes the shirt, pants, sunglasses, and shoes for Slink high. I had a lot of trouble with this outfit for some reason, the alpha for the top only covers the nipples so the underneath of my breasts were hanging out through the mesh when I stood still, and you can see my poor Slink foot (ankle really) fighting with the flair of the pant leg. My right hip, photo left, you can see the alpha even though I tried every size of the mesh pants to try to hide it completely. It is a shame because I really like the idea of the matching pattern on the shirt and shoes, and the generosity to include everything she did is terrific :) My hair is another A&A from their gift, called Ludvika Hair Russet. 

This dress is fantastic, very much what I picture from this theme with the fun pattern. It is the prize from #32 Sweet Tea, and I'd have to say is one of my favorite prizes from the whole hunt. Another terrific one has been in all of the photos so far, the nails which are from #30 Rad Designs. They have 4 different designs on their HUD for slink mani and pedi, but no photos on the HUD itself so you'll have to try them out to see them. This is Rainbow, the previous 2 photos I was wearing Tiedie, and there are also designs called Happy and Pink Peace. The happy one is in the next photo actually...

This lovely halter top also got my attention, big thanks to #34 Kitty Shape Wears for this awesome gift! There is also a t-shirt for the men with a blue peace symbol and more of a green-based tie dye pattern. In case you can't read it, the words are the immortal lyrics "Imagine All The People, Living Life In Peace" which makes my heart smile. The hair from this photo and the previous are A&A Leona Hair Rust Brown.

Finally we have a comfy looking jumpsuit from Perfections, who are #40 in the hunt, paired with a hemp necklace from #42 Glint. That comes in a mens size as well, and I do have to say that most of these stores were very considerate in including the men in this hunt, since so many times Xan is helping me with hunt after hunt without anything for himself and it makes me feel are mostly overlooked when it comes to SL fashion in general, which is unfortunate. The good news is that in with the many female hairs from A&A (including the Lana Hair Moonlight I'm wearing here) are a few male hairs including an Elvis 'do!

Well, I am still slowly recovering from this tummy trouble, but obviously I'm still able to make weird observations and enjoy SL, so it's not all bad :) Wishing you all lots of love, peace, and magic!!

All Prizes From The 70s Hunt:
Photo 1: Ayva's Attic = 70s Hunt Prizes $0L  Prize #38
Photo 2: Kelli Kreations KK - Poka Dot Joy Female  $0L  Prize #41
Photo 3: Sweet Tea  70's Hunt Gift Dress Bagged  $0L  Prize #32
Photo 4: Kitty Shape Wears ::KSW:: Imagine Halter $0L  Prize #34
Photo 5: Perfections Disco Lady Jumpsuit  $0L  Prize #40
Necklace: .:Glint:. Women's peace & mushrooms hemp necklace  $0L  Prize #42
Hair: A&A Hair 70s Treasure Hunt Gifts  $0L  Prize #26

Nails: [:Rad Designz:] Slink Peace Nails 70's hunt  $0L  Prize #30

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