Sunday, March 29, 2015

Blasts From the Past

Hiya everyone! With my wonderful partner's help, I zipped through a really fun hunt in one shot, and you get to see some of the goodies from it! These prizes are all from the Blast From The Past Hunt, all free and can be found in a record album. Some of those albums were hidden very cleverly :)

We start our blasting off to the past with the beautifully textured tunic from Siren's Moon #9, their 60s dress and boots are included. I accessorized it with the prize from !IT! #12, their adorable Boho headband. It's adjustable with a size menu, so I did make it bigger. I liked mixing the decades just a bit.

This stunning flashback is from *MoSt* who are #7 in the hunt, and you already know from previous blogs that I love this style. The colors and pattern certainly give it a fun retro feel.

Another fantastic style, this cutie is from PS! Perfect Seduction! which is the start of our hunt as well as the organizer. The poodle skirt is just too precious, and the accent flower is fantastic, you don't even need a necklace with this.

If you do fancy a necklace however, hehe, be sure to visit store #3 RedRose Jewellery for this beauty, full of powerful symbols of peace. The mesh tie-dye shirt is the prize from Cobra Team Store, #10 in the hunt, and they do have a matching t-shirt for the men also.

I hope you've all enjoyed your weekend, mine started rough but ended wonderfully so it's all good. Wishing you all lots of magpie magic!!

All Prizes from Blast From the Past Hunt:
Photo 1: Siren's Moon (SM)_60 mini Dress   $0L  Prize #9
Headband: !IT! - Boho Headband   $0L  Prize #12
Photo 2: *MoSt* Blast From The Past Gift  $0L  Prize #7
Photo 3: PS! Perfect Seduction! Main Store BFTP Poodle Skirt  $0L  Prize #1
Photo 4: Cobra Team Store- Cobra's Locker - BFTP Hunt Item - F  $0L  Prize #10
Necklace: RedRose Jewellery - Blast From The Past Gift  $0L  Prize #3

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Posy - Gingers (not free)

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Aly Tan CL (not free)

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