Saturday, April 29, 2017

Down the Rabbit Hole

Hiya everyone! Tonight's post is a time sensitive one, as it involves a hunt that ends on the 30th, but I feel like it deserved to be featured and I just discovered it myself this morning. It is the Dark Wonderland Hunt on the Fall of Man sim, one gorgeous area to search with 19 stores participating for a total of I believe 29 hidden cupcakes. When you land, you will see a ring of rocks that will let you click to go down the rabbit hole, this teleports you to their Wonderland where all the cupcakes can be found. There are hints on their website, and it was a lot of fun exploring the build, so much to see! Xan and I really enjoyed it, and since it is an adult sim I was expecting more of a horror type take on the classic story and was surprised but pleased that it was not spooky. Creepy settings can be great fun too, I just was not necessarily in the mood for scary stuff at 4 AM ;) I can't decide if my favorite part was the teacup carousel, the chess game with moving pieces, or the huge teapot that I dangled from while it poured a nice giant cup of tea. 

This stunning gown is one of 4 prizes you can find from Syren's Song in those hidden cupcakes. It is called Off With Your Head, and comes in Belleza, Maitreya, Hourglass, Physique, and Fitmesh versions. There are so many great details here, like the hearts at the hem and the Juliet sleeves with crisp points at the wrists. If you enjoy this one, there are 2 other variations of this style hidden in other cupcakes, Alice and Dark Alice, and they each have their own color theme and styling variations. 

This is yet another beauty from Syren's Song, called Raven Red and it is included in standard mesh sizes plus a fitted version and Maitreya, Hourglass, and Physique fits. I need to mention that the lace skirt is quite sheer, and I went commando (no panties) to show what it looks like as is. I do recommend adding your favorite undergarments if you are going to a sim whose rules would indicate a need, any black or red pair would look especially sharp beneath this lovely dress and many mesh bodies include undies in one or both of those colors.

The prize from God Mod is this Wonderland Gown, a delight in dark colors with a vintage illustration. It is included in standard sizes along with Belleza Freya, Belleza Isis, Belleza Venus, Maitreya, Slink Hourglass, Slink Physique, and TMP versions. I am really glad I found this cupcake and was able to claim this terrific gift. I am also glad to get a chance to use this particular pose from Verocity (Cheryl 6), it suited the dress so well.

Interesting note, I was seeing most of the cupcakes as having purple icing (probably similar to the darker shade on the t-shirt image) and Xan was seeing them as royal blue on his monitor, so I can't really say for sure which color your monitor will show. I liked the purple theme of this photo, which starts with the shirt from To The Moon & Back called M&B Dark Wonderland Womens. It comes in plenty of fitmesh sizes including standard, Belleza Freya, Belleza Isis, Belleza Venus, Maitreya, Slink Hourglass, Slink Physique, and TMP. There is even a mens version tucked inside the cupcake, so whichever avatar you wear, you can enjoy the eerie cheshire grin. On the right I am hugging one of the prizes from Dixie Designs, their DDesigns Dark Rabbit Purple, who has a built in hold pose as seen above. Their other cupcakes hold a red version and a set of bouncing peeps to rez out as decor, so be sure to find them all. My jeans in this photo and the next are a favorite gift of mine from the Marketplace, the Delizio Jeans which include several colors in system layers plus Maitreya and Omega HUDs. I wear them a lot and highly recommend them.

More fun shirts, on the left I am wearing our prize from Get Frocked called Mad Here Crop Top which comes in standard mesh sizes and has an extended turtleneck with that famous grin on it, and says "We're all mad here" across the front. On the right is one of our 4 gifts from SHUTTER, called Make America Late Again in heather grey, that cupcake also contains a light blue version and each are provided in standard sizes. I know this is based on a political slogan so I'll stress that I am neither poking fun of the person whose slogan it is, nor am I endorsing them in the least, just enjoying the humor of the perpetually tardy rabbit with whom I can identify as I am usually running late for things. The other prizes from SHUTTER include the male version of this shirt, some Wonderland themed gestures, and even a colorful dress that matches the hunt theme. These are some really creative prizes, so I hope you find them all this weekend while you can :)

I am already tired from this weekend and it's barely started, LOL! I have plans for both Saturday and Sunday, and trying to help with an emotionally draining family situation (elderly family member) that makes my Fridays and Sundays bittersweet. We play games to keep her brain active, tonight was Pokeno which if you're unfamiliar is like Bingo but instead of numbers, the bingo cards have playing cards on them. You use a regular deck of cards to call them, and 5 in a row gives you the win like regular bingo. It's been years, so it was neat to play again and we are trying to find other simple, easy to learn games for 5 players. Meanwhile, I am hoping that all of you have a fantastic weekend ahead, magical magpie hugs to everyone!!

All Prizes from the Dark Wonderland Hunt:

Photo 1:
Gown: Syren's Song - Off With Your Head $0L Hunt Prize

Photo 2:
Dress: Syren's Song - Raven Red $0L Hunt Prize

Photo 3:
Dress: Wonderland Gown by God Mod $0L Hunt Prize

Photo 4:
Shirt: :M&B: Dark Wonderland Womens $0L Hunt Prize
Rabbit: DDesigns Dark Rabbit Purple $0L Hunt Prize

Photo 5:
Shirt Left: {Get Frocked} Mad Here Crop Top $0L Hunt Prize
Shirt Right: SHUTTER Make America Late Again - Heather Grey $0L Hunt Prize

Jeans Photos 4&5: Delizio - Jeans + Applier for Maitreya + Omega (shown in Blue) $0L Marketplace

Hair: MINA Hair - Inkie [Big ponytail] - Blonds $75L Gacha @ The Epiphany
Head: [GA.EG] Barbara Bento Mesh Head
Eyes: * Inkheart * - Uran Eyes - Garden $1L Evil Bunny 7 Hunt Gift
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - SENA v1 Caramel [Red] (Omega head & body appliers)
Nails: Slink Utilities HUD
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual (UPDATED 3/8/2017 to Dynamic/Bento)
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Deluxe Pack
All Poses: Verocity (various sets)

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