Monday, December 12, 2016

Advent and Women Only Hunt

Hiya everyone! I have been busy this morning claiming some lovely Advent calendar gifts, and I will also be showing you some more Women Only Hunt 2 prizes found in hidden snowflakes. You will want to go to the hunt office and claim your free HUD to enable you to guide you from store to store, and it will give you the hints in local chat while it opens your map for each location. I was already a fan of gridwide hunting for several years prior to blogging, so it is special for me to be able to share it with others.

Emerald Couture has two Advent calendars right next to each other, and I have noticed there are plenty of previous hunt prizes in them in case we missed them. This is their Chickadee Purple Outfit [Once Upon a Cure] and consists of the lovely dress in standard mesh sizes, Slink High shoes with cute chickadees (Peeps) on them, and matching earrings and necklace. It was like revisiting spring for a glorious moment in the midst of a cold snap here in RL.

I also visited Entice and picked up another fantastic Advent gift, just put on your tag from their free group and pay $1L to bauble #12 and you will receive that linden back immediately along with this terrific Hurts So Good - Christmas dress. It comes in what I call the lucky 13 of mesh sizes (5 standard, 5 fitmesh, Belleza, Maitreya, Slink) and includes a HUD with 3 color choices. The blue and red shown are two, the third is black with the same white top. It looks sharp and despite the name is not limited to any holiday.

How about another trip to somewhere warmer? Facepalm has got you covered if you are craving a tropical destination in SL, with this stunning Beach Time bikini as their Advent calendar gift for the day. No group needed, just click the square with today's date and you will receive this flirty swimsuit in system layers plus appliers for Maitreya, Omega, Slink, and TMP. I am loving the little swirls, they add visual interest and the color is wonderful too. In the inset you can see a closer look at my eyes, today's Inkheart advent calendar gift for us called Eternal Eyes - Infinity. Their free group tag is necessary, but you can claim all previous prizes along with in-store group gifts and other surprises await too. The eyes almost match the bikini, as an unusual side note.

Maybe you are staying somewhere cool in SL, visiting a sim with snow or just want a traditional holiday type feeling to your wardrobe. This hunt prize from *HolliPocket* is a terrific way to stay warm while looking casually pretty. It is called Snuggle Wuggle Sweater and comes in a fitted size plus a Maitreya and a Belleza version, the fitted was a perfect match for my Slink Physique body. I love the pale blue edges and the Nordic pattern, very cozy. Free when you find that hidden snowflake.

One last look of the day, courtesy of two fun sweaters and a pretty choker. The sweaters are our hunt prize from [trs] called I <3 Winter Sweater in Navy and Red, and this is what happens when I play around with various HUDs and try to see if there is a big difference ;) On the left I am wearing the navy from the Omega HUD as a clothing layer with my favorite Delizio jeans (free marketplace gift) as the clothing layer pants, and I added the Slink Hands HUD for the wrist/sleeve part. On the right, I discovered that the actual Slink HUD (the red one) applied top and bottom at the same time for the longer look of the full sweater, so I had to slip into the underwear layer of the jeans. You can wear these long or short, it all depends what you pair them with and which look you prefer. The gift includes both colors in system layers along with HUDs for Omega, Slink, and Slink Hands in case you wear the hands without the body, to finish off those pretty sleeve cuffs. The choker is from -SECRETS- and is a metal choker specifically for the WOH2 hunt, and it contains a resize script to allow you to adjust it if you wish. It will look fantastic with dressy or casual looks in just about any color, a versatile gift for sure.

It is a cold but clear morning here, and I am ready for whatever the new week holds for me :) It will certainly hold more gridwide hunting, plus there will be some Advent calendars that do 12 days of Christmas so they should start first thing tomorrow. I am excited about it all, and hope the week is a great one for each of you. Magical magpie hugs to everyone!!


Photo 1:
Outfit: Emerald Couture Chickadee Purple Outfit [Once Upon a Cure] $0L Advent Gift

Photo 2:
Dress: Entice - Hurts So Good - Christmas $0L Advent Gift (Free Group Tag Needed)

Photo 3:
Bikini: +Facepalm+ Beach Time $0L Advent Gift
Eyes: *Inkheart* - Eternal Eyes - Infinity $0L Advent Gift (Free Group Tag Needed)

Photo 4:
Top: *HolliPocket* Snuggle Wuggle Sweater $0L Hunt Prize

Photo 5:
Tops: [trs] I <3 Winter Sweater . Navy & Red $0L Hunt Prize
Choker: -SECRETS- Metal Choker for WOH2 $0L Hunt Prize

Nails: Hello Dave - Nail Appliers - December 12th $0L Advent Gift (Free Group Tag Needed)

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Celine Mesh Hair - Basics 
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Perla Tan
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual/Elegant 1
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Deluxe Pack

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