Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saturday Advent Sweets

Hiya everyone! I am delighted as always to be sharing some Advent calendar gifts with you, it's my favorite time of year in SL because people seem generally nicer and there are generous gifts like these, and I can easily find plenty of holiday charity events inworld to spend lindens for excellent causes. Today I am sharing Advent calendar treats that either do not require a group membership, or there is a group tag needed but the group is free to join. Let's dive right in and peek at some gifts.

This is one of the Emerald Couture gifts for the day, there are 2 Advent calendars there and they are both distributing without a group tag. This eye-catching ensemble is EC Dice Dress Orange, and I usually avoid wearing orange with my auburn hair but this really looked too good to pass up. The gift includes system layers plus a HUD for Slink, Omega, Belleza, and Maitreya appliers for top and bottom, and the skirt panel in standard mesh sizes. Also in there you'll find the necklace, domino earrings, and matching Slink high sandals with such a cute dice pattern on them. This could be your lucky day if you claim it :)

After only 3 hours sleep in the past 24+ hours, this is absolutely the outfit RL me is craving! Our gift today from Moonstar is their Cats in Hats Onesie, and they are sweet black kitties in traditional Santa hats on the pattern. Also shown, a closer look at my beautiful eyes from Inkheart's Advent calendar today, their Prana Eyes in Envy. As with all their sets, these include system and mesh versions in 4 sizes each, this is Medium shown in mesh. This particular set attracted me with its tiny ring of brown in the middle, light green as the main shade, and that darker green almost becoming black at the edges. 

Entice is at it again, another lovely gift for their group members to pick up (free to join, wear your tag and pay $1L to the bauble bearing today's date and get immediately reimbursed along with the gift) called After Midnight Jeans in Green. These come in what I think of as the lucky 13 of mesh sizes, 5 standard plus 5 fitmesh along with Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink versions. The top is a marketplace gift from Baby Monkey, their Baby Tees Basics which come in several colors (system/Omega) and I chose red to look festive against the green jeans. 

I do love decorating my nails, and this Advent calendar gift from Go Frock Yourself is a seasonal surprise called Grinch Stole Christmas Nails. There are Belleza and Slink HUDs included, and each has 5 designs on a crisp white background. The tv show was just aired, I think the day after Thanksgiving, and I watched it with friends and family while nibbling on leftovers :) Good times, and fun nails that help me remember them.

It's no secret that I love Hello Dave's nails too, and this set simply called December 3rd is a perfect example of why. This advent gift (free group tag is needed to claim this one) is a Slink/Omega HUD with 5 designs, reminding me of ornaments for a tree...3 similar red and green polka dotted patterns, plus a solid red and solid green each with some glitter to help us feel sparkly. Love these, and I wore them with all the clothing above as well.

Whew, so much stress dentist appointment was a wasted trip, as they made a scheduling mistake and I was unable to get the fillings done so they recommended holding off on the cleaning as the 20th is their first opening, early in the morning which is when I'd normally be blogging Advent stuff!! (It is about 8 AM here right now for comparison) I am stressing over the blog issue as much as the drilling and just the inconvenience of the fear then letdown that was my day. *deep breaths* I will find a way, I will survive, things are still generally good and in a couple hours I'll be off to those 2 terrific events nearby I mentioned yesterday. Then home to sleeeeeeep....

I hope this weekend is a glorious one for each of you, as we all deserve it, and magical magpie hugs to everyone!!

Photo 1:
Outfit: Emerald Couture EC Dice Dress Orange $0L Advent Gift

Photo 2:
Outfit: Moonstar Cats in Hats Onesie $0L Advent Gift
Eyes: *Inkheart* - Prana Eyes - Envy $0L Advent Gift (Free Group Tag Needed)

Photo 3:
Shirt: Baby Monkey BM Baby Tees Basics $0L Marketplace Gift
Jeans: Entice - After Midnight Jeans - Green $0L Advent Gift (Free Group Tag Needed)

Photo 4:
Nails: Go Frock Yourself GFY-Grinch Stole Christmas Nail Appliers $0L Advent Gift

Photo 5:
Nails: Hello Dave - Nail Appliers - December 3rd $0L Advent Gift (Free Group Tag Needed)

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Xia - gingers
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Ana Tan
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual/Elegant 1
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Deluxe Pack

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