Monday, January 2, 2017

No Post Today

Hiya everyone, I am sorry but I had really strange technical difficulties all day and cannot offer a new blog post right now. I logged in to find my entire inventory missing, let it rebuild for a few hours only to crash when I was about 2,000 items away from being fixed...the crash started me all over, so I repopulated the inventory again and crashed AGAIN. Lather rinse repeat, hehe, I spent about 10 hours total just trying to regain my inventory while hanging out in Hippo Hollow. Side note about there, I logged back in about an hour ago and someone on the sim PMed me asking if I was his date, I was struggling to even move my mouse while inworld so I did not reply. When I thought my inventory was secure i TPed home, only to get pinged again asking if he could expect a TP too. Umm, nope sorry, read any single sentence of my profile and you will see that I am not in SL looking for romance or a date. 10 minutes later he got upset that I hadn't replied and messaged again, saying I was too quiet and he might have to go away. *side-eye* So I then decided to block him for my own sanity, since he made me feel like he was hiding in my closet watching me or something. His last name was Lemon, I forget his first but it began with a J, and I was surprised that he was old enough (in SL time) to have an actual last name but still isn't SL-savvy enough to not read profiles or try to pick up female avi's who have partners! Also if someone says in their profile they aren't looking for romance, you are probably wasting your time if you try anyway. Most of the people I encounter in SL are polite, kind, and friendly, so I mention this as it was an oddity for me. Magical magpie hugs to everyone and I will return soon!!!!

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