Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Grow Your Awareness

Hiya everyone! Tonight I am sharing some prizes from the Grow Your Awareness Hunt, a gridwide hunt that is meant to get people thinking about autism and how it affects people, and how best to interact with those who have autism. Most people have someone in their lives who are on the spectrum, and it can be very beneficial to educate ourselves about this easily misunderstood disorder. The hunt object is a white disc with the hunt logo on it, and you will see some prizes with the puzzle ribbon on them, which is a symbol of autism awareness representing the complexity of the autism spectrum. April is autism awareness month, and the color blue is frequently used as well. The prizes in this hunt are either free or $1L, not all were ready yet but I am excited to show you some of what I have located so far.

Our first stop is the hunt organizer's place, MixMatchMissy who has this lovely t-shirt waiting for us as their hunt prize. It includes standard mesh sizes plus Maitreya, Hourglass, and Physique sizes, and has a satiny shimmer to it. Beneath the trio of buttons at the neckline, you will see it features the hunt logo on it, just like the hunt objects. 

Next we have this pretty prize from SALTY, their Missy Dress design for the GYA Hunt. It is provided in sizes for Belleza Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, Hourglass, Physique, and a Classic version, in denim blue with a bright red belt that has a puzzle design bow on it. Noteworthy is that this hunt object is quite tiny, I was turning a corner and my camera angle panned past what I thought was a button until I realized it was the prize ;) So be sure to look closely and behind things, that is my suggestions in addition to the hint you will find on the hunt website.

*LBD* has two prizes waiting for you in their store, so be sure to follow both hints to find each special reward. The dress is called Opal and from a store named for a Little Black Dress, of course your prize is going to be a beauty of an LBD :) It comes in sizes for eBody, Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, Ocacin, Hourglass, Physique, TMP, Tonic Curvy, Tonic Fine, and standard fitmesh sizes. Our other gift is the jewelry I am wearing, the GYA Necklace and Brooch, each a beautiful flower with a gemstone in the middle whose color can be changed with a click. Just a touch brings up the menu that offers 12 colors, and here I chose opal for the necklace and emerald for the brooch. Just think, you can wear these prizes together or separately, so your wardrobe gets two free boosts from one generous store.

The next gift I am displaying is from Limited Editions, their -=le=- Harper outfit. The top is provided in fitmesh standard sizes plus Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink versions, while the pants come in Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, Hourglass, and Physique sizes. I noticed after I'd taken these photos and was about to log out for the day that there was a HUD with color choices for the top, so that will be a pleasant surprise for you to discover when you pick up this free hunt prize. I am sorry for the oversight.

For my final look of the night, I am showing off not one but two hunt prizes. The dress is from 13 and called DARLA Women's Mesh Dress. It comes in sizes for Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, Hourglass, and Physique, with cheerful polka dots and daring slits on both hips. The necklace I paired with it is the Stone's Works Woman's Autism Support Necklace, with a built in resize script and puzzle awareness ribbon adorning the heart. Both of these free prizes are fantastic, and greatly appreciated.

When I think about autism affecting people I care about, I think of a dear friend whose son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome as a kid, and how he dealt with bullying as a result of his ticks and quirks. He is a success story, as he graduated high school with excellent marks, entered the military, and is now a newly married father whose baby girl (4 and a half months old now) was born prematurely and has been experiencing some complications. He has been handling things very well and his friends and family are extremely proud of him.

I hope you're all having a wonderful day/evening, many magical magpie hugs to everyone!!

All Prizes from the Grow Your Awareness Hunt:

Photo 1:
Top: Mixmatchmissy GYA HUNT TEE $0L Hunt Prize
Pants: Delizio - Jeans + Applier for Maitreya + Omega (shown in White) $0L Marketplace

Photo 2:
Dress: ! SALTY ! Missy Dress - GYA Hunt $0L Hunt Prize

Photo 3:
Dress: *LBD* GYA Hunt - Opal LBD $0L Hunt Prize
Jewelry: *LBD* GYA Hunt - Necklace & Brooch $0L Hunt Prize

Photo 4:
Outfit: Limited Editions -=le=- Harper $0L Hunt Prize

Photo 5:
Dress: .:13:. DARLA Women's Mesh Dress $0L Hunt Prize
Necklace: STONE'S WORKS Woman's Autism Support Necklace $0L Hunt Prize

Head: [GA.EG] Barbara Bento Mesh Head
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kare - Redhead (former VIP group gift)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - BRITNEY cotton candy (Omega head/body)
Eyes: *Inkheart* - Soul Eyes - Memories
Ring: (BENTO)~~Ysoral ~~ .:Luxe Ring Lyanna 4:. (Marketplace)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Nails: Slink Utilities HUD
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual (UPDATED 3/8/2017 to Dynamic/Bento)
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Deluxe Pack
All Poses: Verocity (various sets)

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