Thursday, September 13, 2018

Julia's Scandal Group Gifts

Hiya everyone! Tonight we are visiting a store called Julia's Scandal, where you can find a wall full of group gifts to enjoy. The group is free to join, so just pop on that group tag and click all the gifts to claim them for absolutely no cost. The store was new to me, so I really appreciated the chance to explore and see their offerings.

First up, we have the Julia's Scandal Venus Top & Skirt gift, with each piece in sizes for eBody, Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, Hourglass, Physique, and a standard fitted size. There is also a HUD included with 5 choices for each. I recommend trying them all to see what the ruffles look like for each, as that can help you decide what pairing appeals to you.

Here I kept the top on from the prior photo, and am wearing it with another group gift called Julia's Scandal Mini Skirt Gift. This frilly mini is included for Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, Hourglass, Physique, and TMP, with a HUD that features 9 different texture options. This photo also gave me a chance to show off more of the textures for the top, and I love how both of these have lacy versions that look so pretty together or with anything you wish to wear them with.

The group gift called Julia's Scandal Cristine Dress Gift just might be the most scandalous of all ;) It is provided in sizes for Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, Hourglass, and Physique, with a HUD that lets you choose from 7 different textures. There are three striped choices and 4 solid colors, and I would suggest layering a simple tee beneath for modesty if you want to wear this somewhere that you need to be more covered up.

Julia's Scandal Elena Top & Skirt is a satiny delight, with a slight dip of the waistline above one hip, trimmed with ruffles both top and skirt. While it looks like two pieces, it actually wears as one, and comes in sizes for eBody, Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, Hourglass, and Physique. The included HUD offers 3 choices for each, top and skirt, so you can mix and match if you wish. 

My final look of the night is the Julia's Scandal Evani Dress, a gift with a dramatic style and a handy texture HUD. The dress includes sizes for eBody, Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, Hourglass, and Physique, with 5 patterns in various grey solids and textures on the HUD. This is a great choice to show off your favorite belly piercing, and would be perfect for a night out at a club with friends or that special someone.

I apologize for not blogging yesterday, it was a mixture of reasons like trying to replace my keyboard and then losing internet when I was about to log in and prepare a blog post. It was a weird couple of days, but I have a nice new keyboard that I am almost used to (adjusting to anything new is always a bit of a challenge, but worth it) and the internet issue was relatively brief. I am concerned about friends in the immediate path of the hurricane, and urge all of you in those areas to do whatever it takes to stay safe. I hope you're all having a terrific day/evening, many magical magpie hugs to everyone!!

All Group Gifts from Julia's Scandal:

Photo 1:
Outfit: ! Julia's Scandal Venus Top & Skirt GIFT $0L Group Gift

Photo 2:
Skirt: ! Julia's Scandal Mini Skirt Gift HUD $0L Group Gift

Photo 3:
Dress: ! Julia's Scandal Cristine Dress Gift $0L Group Gift

Photo 4:
Outfit: ! Julia's Scandal Elena Top & Skirt GIFT $0L Group Gift

Photo 5:
Dress: ! Julia's Scandal Evani Dress $0L Group Gift

Head: [GA.EG] Barbara Bento Mesh Head
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Char - Redhead (former VIP group gift)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - MELLIA GG September marshmellow (Omega head/body)
Eyes: Angel Eyes [AE] Spring Eyes Brownies $0L Free Dove Gift
Ring: (BENTO)~~Ysoral ~~ .:Luxe Ring Lyanna 4:. (Marketplace)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual (UPDATED 3/8/2017 to Dynamic/Bento)
Nails: Slink Utilities HUD
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Deluxe Pack
All Poses: Verocity (various sets)

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