Thursday, September 27, 2018

TeleportHub Group Goodies

Hiya everyone! Tonight I have group gifts from a new-to-me group that I have seen signs for all around the grid but hadn't freed up a group slot for until very recently. It is called and has a distinctive framed sign with buttons for joining the group and visiting their website. It is $10L to join, but that entitles you to a multitude of gifts from many fantastic designers. Tonight's gifts are all found at the main office, and are courtesy of [satus Inc] which you may be familiar with from my Kiyomizu Hunt posts. There is a room labeled "Group Gifts" at the main office (down the hall a bit and to the left) and that is where these generous goodies can be found.

My first look is the [S] Elena Long Shirt Dress, in a soft mauve knit. It comes in fitmesh standard sizes as well as Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, Hourglass, Physique, and TMP versions. With upcoming cooler weather, I think this will be a terrific choice to layer over jeans or leggings occasionally.

Two group gifts can be seen here, starting with the [S] Rye Tied Straight Top Wifi. It comes in standard fitmesh sizes plus Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, Hourglass, Physique, and TMP versions, and reads "I don't need you, I have wifi", LOL! That is perfect for the phone-addicted among us, or my weakness is tablet games which require wifi since the tablets do not have their own internet plans. I am wearing the [S] Megan Hugh Waisted Jeans Red with it, which include the same mesh sizes as the shirt. The color is versatile and especially for this season, lots of hues and patterns that will suit the ruby red very nicely.

Those same jeans make another appearance tonight, topped with the [S] Sleeveless Blouse this time. It comes in standard mesh sizes, and includes a HUD to turn transparency off and on. As you can see, I have the transparency "off" on the left, and "on" on the right.

This beauty is the [S] Red Triangular Hem Dress, with geometric pattern and lacing in the front. It comes in standard mesh sizes, and is another offering that is very suitable for the season but also has year-round appeal.

One final look of the evening, we have the [S] Winter Trench Coat in a cozy light brown shade. It has great details like the buttons with a notch between them in front, and hood in the back that is ideal for cooler weather. It comes in standard fitmesh sizes along with Belleza, Maitreya, Slink Hourglass, and Slink Physique versions. This lends itself to layering possibilities as well, and will look just as cute with a fun pair of boots as with your favorite heels.

Hair note of the night: I am wearing one of the two styles included in a recent Truth Hair VIP gift, a re-release of a former gift in their newest color HUDs that the VIP group was able to vote on. The gift includes Char that I wore yesterday, and HoneyAna I am wearing tonight, with a full fatpack of HUDs to tint them any color imaginable. The VIP group is not free to join (I believe it's $350L but offhand I am not certain) however the gifts are well worth it for any Truth fan. We also get to find out about sales ahead of time, get demos of new releases before the general public, and have our own personal shopper for their offers at the Uber event. Now that is some VIP treatment!

Today was decent, tomorrow and the next few days will be quite busy, so a distinct contrast. Earlier they actually sent a weather warning to my area saying to get to basements or lowest level rooms because of high winds and severe storms, but it fortunately did not get that bad. I hope you're all having a beautiful day/evening, many magical magpie hugs to everyone!!

All Group Gifts for the Group at their Main Office:

Photo 1:
Dress: [S] Elena Long Shirt Dress Pink $0L Group Gift

Photo 2:
Top: [S] Rye Tied Straight Top Wifi $0L Group Gift
Pants: [S] Megan High Waisted Jeans Red $0L Group Gift

Photo 3:
Top: [S] Sleeveless Blouse $0L Group Gift

Photo 4:
Dress: [S] Red Triangular Hem Dress $0L Group Gift

Photo 5:
Coat: [S] Winter Trench Coat $0L Group Gift

Head: [GA.EG] Barbara Bento Mesh Head
Hair: TRUTH HAIR HoneyAna - Redhead (former VIP group gift)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - SCARLET dew (Omega head/body)
Eyes: Angel Eyes [AE] Spring Eyes Brownies $0L Free Dove Gift
Ring: (BENTO)~~Ysoral ~~ .:Luxe Ring Lyanna 4:. (Marketplace)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual (UPDATED 3/8/2017 to Dynamic/Bento)
Nails: Slink Utilities HUD
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Deluxe Pack
All Poses: Verocity (various sets)

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