Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another Dream of Steam

Hiya everyone! You can tell from my title that I've got some more Steam X Hunt goodies to share, and I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am. I find that in SL, since we can be whomever/whatever we choose, I love the variety and don't stick to one specific type only. Steampunk isn't something I'd wear everyday, but I really enjoy the opportunity to try it out.

This fun and flirty number is our prize from *DSO* which is #83 in the hunt. I love the bows, and the cute matching boots are included. The necklace is the prize from #76 Cherie, more on that in a bit.

Wow, speaking of flirty, right? This is very Victorian from the waist up, the high neckline and even the long sleeves, but there's nothing prim and proper about that sexy short skirt! I'm crazy about the colors and optional stockings, which come in black or purple. The boots are included. Thanks to #85 in the hunt, Ambient Fashion!

Looking for something longer? Here's another mesh marvel, this time some blue to help with the dream part of the theme. The belt isn't attached so you can go without if you prefer, and I actually wore the included hat for once even though I must have a huge head because hats always take way too much adjusting. This treasure is from Rainy Fey Creations which is #73 on the hunt trail. The necklace is #76 again.

More beautiful blue, more wonderful boots, and a fun bustle! This style is very similar to one I blogged yesterday, but each designer puts their own spin on things so we get to appreciate them both. The colors make me think of earth and sky, perhaps nature meets technology. This gem is courtesy of Roots & Wings Clothing which is #79.

Here's a close-up view of that necklace I'd shown above a couple times already, the #76 prize from Cherie. It's called DaVinci Wing cord necklace, and the closer view shows you why. Attractive from any angle, it's intriguing to see the details!

I do have a few stores yet to visit so I'm not quite done with this hunt, and there are other hunts I have my sights set on so I hope you all enjoy seeing these prizes. Sometimes not all the prize previews are on the hunt's blogs, or it's hard to tell if they've been photoshopped or what have you. My images are just cropped and have my name added, nothing else fancy done to them, so what you see is truly what you get. Well, it's time for the credits, have a magical day everyone!!

Steam X Hunt: Steam the Dream prizes
Photo 1: **DSO** Dream Woman - Gold  $0L Prize #83
Photo 2: AMBIENT FASHION - [AMBI] SXH Lucinda Outfit - Female mesh dress  $0L Prize #85
Photo 3: Reiny Fey Creations - RFC-Steamdreamer Gown-F  $0L Prize #73
Photo 4: STEAM X Hunt Gifts~Roots & Wings Clothing  $0L Prize #79
Photo 5: Cherie Steam X Gift Unisex  DaVinci Wing_Cord Necklace Ladies (Gents included in box)  $0L Prize #76

Hair: >TRUTH< Kalia - jupiter (not free, an oldie so may not still be available)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Aly Tan CL (not free)

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