Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Trio of Hunts

Hiya everyone! I've been feeling a lot lately like I've been doing too many things all at once, multitasking gone haywire, and I'm laughing at myself that this post will probably prove that. First I realized that I wasn't actually done with the Steam X Hunt, as Xan and I had saved one of the stores because it was a 10 part mini-hunt. Actually the very last stop was like that too, but it was all the same building but the one we saved (#68) was on multiple sims. Really well done and beautiful sims, so I think it was better that we had more time to look around. Most of the prizes were household or vehicles, but here is a look at #6 out of the 10...
Here is the mens and womens prizes, I'm fairly sure you can guess which is which ;) Hats are certainly not the exclusive domain of men, but they're a popular male gift from this hunt. The dress is simple and quite short, in mesh with a neat monochromatic pattern. I like that the hat is coordinated without being overly matchy.

So then, I realized that I had to check the last store in the Sweet Spring Freedom Hunt because it wasn't set for sale yet last week and I'd really loved the picture of the outfit. I'd mentioned it when I blogged other prizes from the hunt too. The slurl on their site isn't a valid slurl (no sim name) so I had to search for it, but I found the store and was so glad I did!!!
This may be one of my favorite outfits right now, it captures so many different elements and combines them beautifully. The frills have that Victorian flair, the peep of belly button is sexy, the tight dark jeans give it a rocker vibe, and the floral pattern says spring. Shirt and jeans are mesh, and the peeptoe boots are for Slink High feet. So thank you [PREVAIL] for the wonderful treasure!

Next my brain realized that there was a store hunt I'd been meaning to check out for a while now, and left it till the last minute. Venomous Designs is having a Wardrobe Revival Hunt, 26 purple flowers (flat prim) scattered around their store, filled with goodies! You only have until the 15th so I'd suggest you hurry if you haven't been there yet. In addition to some artwork and shelving units, there were some bralet tops that were just appliers so I can't show you (sorry, no mesh body here) but here are a few of my favorite things from this hunt...
Clearly I had a problem, LOL, I wanted to show you these fantastic jeans but there was no top for my non-mesh boobs from the hunt...I'm really quite modest in my first life, and usually in second life, but somehow that isn't coming across lately in my blogging >.< so one quick trip to the marketplace later, I had these cute pasties from "Z" to cover things up. They are free, and if you visit their marketplace store there were several other playful designs to choose from. I also wanted to show you my nails since that HUD is from their hunt as well. Here's a closer look...
That's just 2 of the 6 designs on the HUD in the #18 flower, they're all gorgeous! There's even another set of polishes in another flower, called Crafty, and they are Minecraft designs. Free treasures, no point in resisting :)

I think that's enough to bombard you with for one post, heehee, but I hope you saw something you enjoyed. You can tell that I enjoyed finding and sharing these, and I'll have more goodies to show you tomorrow. Have a magical day!

Photo 1: *SK* Designs Womens and Mens prizes from Steam X Hunt, Mini Hunt at #68 Joy of Steampunk $0L
Photo 2: TSSF Hunt Gift [PREVAIL] Val Baroque Top, Jeans, Slink High Peeptoe Boots $0L
Photo 3: Venomous Designs- Wardrobe Revival Hunt #1 {VDBB} Starry Eyed Jeans $0L
Pasties: "Z"-Heart Band Aid-Nipple Sticker $0L Marketplace
Photo 4: Venomous Designs- Wardrobe Revival Hunt #18 Venomous Designs-Sparkle Fiend Nails $0L

Hair: Alice Project - Tiffany - Lucky Red  $0L Mini Mania prize
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Petals, GG AUGUST 2014 CL (group $350 to join)

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