Monday, March 16, 2015

More Kiyomizu Treasures

Hiya everyone! I have some more finds from the Kiyomizu Spring Hunt to show you, and it's really exciting to visit the main stores of so many of these designers as well as seeing the sampling of their work at the mall. Finding the ninja cats is fun, tricky without hints but well worth the effort. The clever ways people find to hide them is so amusing, peeking down at you from a doorway or poking their heads out through a table, sometimes they really make me giggle :)

By now you've probably noticed how much I like florals and ruffles, so you can guess I'm adoring the gift from Sweet Strawberry (#12 in the hunt). It's so flirty and feminine. this will definitely be a go-to piece of my wardrobe.

My first thought when I tried this on was CUTE, and my immediate second thought was about the spring colors. This adorable outfit from #25, **milky-way**, is a one piece mesh outfit in several sizes, and I admit the one piece nature makes it so much easier because I've had trouble before with a separate mesh skirt and shirt not fitting together so well.

This one kinda made me giggle, it's from Shiorin's Mart and is a mesh desert camouflage bathing suit. I'd expect you'd get more use from it sunbathing than swimming in a desert. I like the style, nice coverage and a very classic bathing suit silhouette.

This beauty is from #26, Crystal Dream, and I think it would be perfect for any formal event. The 3D ruffles on the skirt are part of the mesh gown itself, not a separate layer or anything, and I think they add a special touch.

This elegant mesh gown by #35 Sugarplum really caught my eye, from the contrasting flower to the graceful lines, and that belt is just a fantastic touch. The seams in the satin are so well textured that I feel like I could touch the screen and feel that seam, it's the little details like that which always seem to catch my attention :) Did I mention how amazing the color is?

As you can all tell, I'm truly enjoying the generous hunt prizes from Kiyomizu, and there are plenty more for me to show you, so please stay tuned! Meanwhile, shake off those Monday blues (you survived it!) and do something to make someone smile if you can. Spread some joy, it will come back tenfold to you. Magpie hugs!

Photo 1: *:Sweet Strawberry:* - *:SS:* Mesh Off Shoulder Dress(Orange Rose) $0L Prize #12
Photo 2: **milky-way *15-04 Sakura-Saku  $0L Prize #25
Photo 3: =Shiorin's Mart= KIYOMIZU HUNT PRIZE 2015SPRING  $0L  Prize #22
Photo 4: Crystal Dream Shop - HUNT / Mesh Blue Sapphire Dress  $0L Prize #26
Photo 5: Sugarplum Evening Dress with Belt  $0L Prize #35

Hair: Truth Hair- Delphine (NOT Free, available at Uber this month)
Skin:  .::WoW Skins::. Eshe Tan CL (not free)

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